PCPP1- Certified Professional in Python Programming Certification Details

Certification Industry: IT (Developer, Data, Architect)

Certificate Name: PCPP1- Certified Professional in Python Programming Certification

Certificate Issuing Authority: Python Institute

Certification Price: $195

Certificate Validity:

The PCPP-32-1xx is a professional level certification offered by the Python Institute to measure an individual's ability to accomplish coding tasks related to advanced programming in the Python language. This credential validates that a holder is highly proficient in the advanced use of features, and classes of object-oriented planning, along with GUI programming, network programming, and creating tools, frameworks, and complete systems.

Average Salary Range

USA: $109,901 (Source)

India: 5,96,928 INR (Source)


1. Gain Recognition: The Python Institute managed the growth of a global standard in Python programming certification, which assisted the professionals in proving their programming expertise worldwide.

2. Career Advancement: The PCPP1 certification covers the best practices, standardization, and coding conventions used in the Python language. This validates a professional's advanced skills needed to upskill their career as a professional Python Developer.

Examination Topics

1. Advanced Perspective of Classes and Object-Oriented Programming in Python (25%)

2. Python Enhancement Proposals (15%)

3. GUI Programming (20%)

4. The Elements of Network Programming: Working with RESTful APIs (20%)

5. File Processing and Communicating with a Program's Environment (20%)

PCPP1- Certified Professional in Python Programming Certification Exam Details:

Number of Questions: 40

Exam Format: Single-choice and multiple-choice questions, gap filling, drag and drop

Exam Time: 45 minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Exam Language: English

Exam Delivery: Pearson VUE Testing Centers/OnVUE Online Proctoring

Time Taken to Prepare for the Exam: It takes around 12 weeks to study for the PCPP1- Certified Professional in Python Programming Certification.

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