Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer

Certification Industry: CRM

Certificate Name: Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer

Certificate Issuing Authority: Salesforce

Certification Price: $400 USD

Certificate Validity:

Certification Details:

This certification is part of Salesforce Application Architect. Salesforce data architecture can easily design, scalable solutions on Customer 360 platform. Data modeling, governance, management, and designing is the job of a data architecture. The knowledge of Customer 360 Platform is must. Since you will be working as an advanced administrator or a data architect, knowledge of LDV migrations, indexing, scripting using data loader and ETL platform is also required.

Average Salary:

US: $62,543 (Source)

India: INR 1,214k - 1,315k (Source)

Benefits :

  1. Job Opportunities - A Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer is entitled to better job opportunities owing to the highly advanced skills and knowledge that is offered by this certification. It provides an individual with appropriate recognition in its career path.
  2. Learning new skills - A Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer will work on different projects, leading a number of teams and design strategies for different clients. This will help you improve technical as well as communication skills. 

Exam Topics:

  1. Data Modeling and Designing : 25%
  2. Master Data Management: 5%
  3. Salesforce Data Management: 25%
  4. Data Governance: 10%
  5. Large Data Volume Considerations: 20%
  6. Data Migration: 15%

Exam Details:

Retake Fee: $200 + taxes

Number of Questions: 60 MCQs

Time: 105 minutes

Passing Marks: 58%

Exam Format : 

  1. Onsite Proctored - The exam is conducted in association with Kryterion. Registration for the exam must be done 24-72 hours in advance. To locate the test center, click here.
  2. Online Proctored - For an online proctored exam, click here.

 Time Taken to Prepare for The Exam : It takes about 60-80 hours in all for a beginner to grasp the concepts. However, a professional might take a lesser amount of time with multiple study aids.

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