Salesforce Administrator SU21 (300+ Unique Questions with Detailed Explanations)

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Salesforce Administrator SU21 (300+ Unique Questions with Detailed Explanations)
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SET 1: Salesforce Certified Administrator (1) | No. of Questions: 60 |

SET 2: Salesforce Certified Administrator (2) | No. of Questions: 60 |

SET 3: Salesforce Certified Administrator (3) | No. of Questions: 60 |

SET 4: Salesforce Certified Administrator (4) | No. of Questions: 60 |

SET 5: Salesforce Certified Administrator (5) | No. of Questions: 60 |

Free Test / Sample Questions | No. of Questions: 7 | (Free) Access Now

Voucher Sites as promised | No. of Questions: 1 |

###   New Exam Structure changes of SU21 are part of these practice tests.  ###

This exam course covers all the information needed to pass the exam on your first try!

Just have a look at the Free Test / Sample Questions.

  • This course will provide an explanation of each correct option that will give you a practical understanding of the Salesforce platform.
  • It will guide you through the exact process to waive off 40 USD on your certification cost. *Based on the availability of the exam vouchers.
  • If not 100 % then at least 75-85 % of questions will be identical to these practice tests.
  • I regularly update all of my courses as per new updates or new releases. So, the learner does not need to worry about any changes.

To practically try out things on Trailhead Playground please follow "Admin certification trail mix".

To begin working on a Trailhead Playground please follow "Setup trailhead playground"

Are you ready to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator(ADM 201)?
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Each of the 5 practice tests in this set provides an entire exam’s worth of questions,

The tests in this set are timed, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows, and at the end of the test, you’ll receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly (DETAILED EXPLANATIONS) to improve your knowledge and make you more prepared to pass the actual exam.

This Practice Exam Course covers EVERYTHING you need to pass the exam on your first try!
I highly recommend reading the explanations provided after each practice test, not only for the correct choices but also for the incorrect ones.
This will help improve your understanding of this feature-rich platform and increase your exam score dramatically.
By paying attention to these and repeating all the tests until you get 90% or more on each one, you should be able to ace the real exam with confidence.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM 201) validates an examinee's ability to:

Configuration and Setup: 20%

Describe the information found in the company settings (for example: company settings fiscal year, business hours, currency management, default settings).

Distinguish and understand the administration of declarative configuration of the User Interface. (for example: UI settings, app menu, list views, global actions, Lightning App Builder).

Given a scenario, demonstrate the proper setup and maintenance of users.

Explain the various organization Security Controls. (for example: Setup Audit Trail, Login Hours, Session Settings)

Given a user request scenario, apply the appropriate security controls based on the features and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model. (for example: public groups, org wide default, sharing: roles, subordinates, hierarchy, report and dashboard folders)

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate use of a custom profile or permission set using the various profile settings and permissions.

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder: 20%

Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model. (for example: standard object, parent/child, master detail/lookup/junction relationships, and record types.)

Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, and know the implications of deleting fields.

Given a scenario, determine how to create and assign page layouts, record types and business processes for custom and standard objects.

Sales and Marketing Applications: 12%

Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and implications of the sales process. (for example: sales process, opportunity, path, and forecast impact.)

Given a scenario, apply the appropriate sales productivity features using opportunity tools. (for example: dashboards, lead scoring, Einstein opportunity scoring, and home page assistant.)

Describe the capabilities of lead automation tools and campaign management. (for example: leads, lead convert, lead assignment rules, campaign and campaign members.)

Service and Support Applications: 11%

Describe the capabilities of case management. (for example: case, case assignment rules, and queues.)

Given a scenario, identify how to automate case management. (for example: support process, case auto-response rules, and case escalation.)

Productivity and Collaboration: 7%

Describe the capabilities of activity management.

Describe the features of Chatter.

Describe the capabilities of Salesforce Mobile App.

Identify use cases for AppExchange applications.

Data and Analytics Management: 14%

Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, mass deleting, exporting and backing up data.

Describe the capabilities and implications of data validation tools.

Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report or report type.

Describe the impact of the sharing model on reports.

Describe the options available when creating and modifying dashboards (e.g., dashboard components, data sources, chart types, Subscribing, running user).

Workflow/Process Automation: 16%

Given a scenario, identify the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of the tool.

Describe capabilities and use cases for Flow.

Describe capabilities and use cases for the approval process.

To Clear the Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM-201) in the first shot !!!

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These 5 Practice set series are the right choice for you !!!

Dhruvak Chokshi (3.3k+ learners)

To succeed in every field the ONLY secret is...
Understand the concepts and everything else is child's play...

I am an IT professional with 12 years of experience. Having workable experience in product and service-based organizations.
I am 4 times Salesforce certified and AWS certified and working on two more certifications. I worked on various Salesforce-based projects for more than 4 years now.
I am very curious about learning new technology and love teaching it.

Hoping that my content will be very helpful to the learner.

I have the following courses live on ReviewNPrep. All the courses are immune to the latest/recent changes of SP21 and have explanations are present on each question.

Rusheb Hossain

23-Apr-2021 03:27:37 AM
Mavis Becker

15-May-2021 11:18:03 PM
Rushika Desai

17-May-2021 10:31:08 PM
Jeff Cunningham
The question are good but, unfortunately after logging in and taking a full exam, the test result was labeled, "Cancelled" thus I spent 45 minutes taking a test I don't have results... this happened more than 2 times so there is no trust in the Exam mode and am using learning mode only.
25-Jun-2021 06:33:16 PM
Dhruvak Chokshi (3.3k+ learners) Hi Jeff, I just saw your rating and concern. I have forwarded your challenge to the concerned team and platform handler. And I am totally sure that it will be addressed and resolved at the highest speed. You will also get confirmation of the same. However, when you give a low rating to my course because of other technical problems it is kind of sadful for me. This course has taken more than 400+ hours of intense effort and such a rating will destroy the course, my hard work, and my intention to create a course. I am definitely going to make sure that your challenge is addressed, mitigated and you will get confirmation about it. If you can please reconsider the rating. Thank you, Dhruvak
25-Jun-2021 01:29:29 PM
Haman Sharma

29-Sep-2021 07:56:03 AM
30-Sep-2021 04:43:38 PM
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June 29, 2020, 05:06 PM

Zachary Sexton

Salesforce Certified Administrator

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May 28, 2020, 12:05 AM

Neha Jalan

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