Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Details

Certification Industry: CRM

Certificate Name: Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

Certificate Issuing Authority: Salesforce

Certification Price: $200 USD

Certificate Validity: 1 Year

The Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant credential throws light upon the successful implementation of Nonprofit Cloud solutions in order to ensure long-term customer success.

Utilizing Salesforce applications, a Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant creates solutions that support customer business requirements. The candidates applying for Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant depict their expertise as cloud computing implementation consultants specializing in nonprofit.

They can design successful solutions, mitigate risks, prioritize customer problems, troubleshoot, boost customer confidence and consistently deliver effective solutions.

Average Salary Range Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant:

USA : $54,863 (Source)

India : 7,90,000 INR (Source)


  1. Nonprofit Cloud InsightsSalesforce reiterates the significance of the Nonprofit cloud so that it can make the most of the Salesforce cloud. As a result, Salesforce insists on its implementation consultants to gain skills pertaining to the Nonprofit cloud.
  2. Nonprofit ProficiencyFor experienced Salesforce certified consultants,  the Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant provides an unexplored yet intriguing domain as it all about making the world a better place. This certification is apt for a Salesforce consultant willing to get into Nonprofit CRM implementation.

Examination Topics:

  1. NPSP Settings and Administration (20%)
  2. Nonprofit Cloud Data Management (11%)
  3. Nonprofit Cloud Analytics (6%)
  4. Domain Expertise (18%)
  5. Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design (24%)
  6. Nonprofit Implementation Strategies and Best Practices (21%)

Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam Details:

A certified consultant is required to complete Administrator certification maintenance modules on Trailhead thrice per year to renew the certification.

Prerequisite : Salesforce Certified Administrator Credential

Number of questions : 60 Multiple-Choice and 5 pretest (unscored)

Passing Score : 63%

Exam Time : 90 minutes

Exam Format For scheduling the exam, click here. The exam is available in two formats: 

  1. Onsite Proctored - The exam is conducted in association with Kryterion. Registration for the exam must be done 24-72 hours in advance. To locate the test center, click here.
  2. Online Proctored - For an online proctored exam, click here.

Time Taken To Prepare For The ExamThe Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant exam preparation requires a commitment of about 80-120 hours using Trailhead Exam Guide, Digital Learning Courses and Instructor-Led Classes.

Refer to this link for getting started with the preparation process of Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant. For more details, log on to official website.

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