Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Details

Certification Industry: CRM

Certificate Name: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

Certificate Issuing Authority: Salesforce

Certification Price: 200 USD

Certificate Validity:

Salesforce Platform Developer II certification is aimed at highly skilled individuals who are Salesforce Platform Developer I certified and wish to expand their potential by implementing advanced programmatic capabilities in the development of sophisticated business applications. Owing to the complexity of this certification, it has two parts: a proctored multiple-choice exam and Trailhead SuperbadgesA Salesforce Platform Developer II certified individual outlines the best practices for Salesforce and has the competence for implementing these in real-time. They are also skilled in solving business challenges by applying their knowledge of the Lightning platform. App Builders and individuals looking for building a career in Salesforce application development should apply for this certification. 

Average Salary Range:

USA : $159,299 (Source)

India : 15,00,000 INR (Source)


  1. Growth Potential The Annualized Growth of the Salesforce platform is currently 65%. Many IT companies have switched to Salesforce and hence it grows the potential of job opportunities for professionals involved in this sector.
  2. Higher Pay Salesforce Platform Developer II certification has increased the pay of the certifiers exponentially. They are respected in their field as it is comparatively difficult to get this certification. It takes a lot of effort and therefore the employers are aware of the experience and competence of the certifier.

Examination Topics:

  1. Salesforce Fundamentals (8%)
  2. Data Modeling and Management (5%)
  3. Logic and Process Automation (20%)
  4. User Interface (20%)
  5. Performance (15%)
  6. Integration (14%)
  7. Testing (13%)
  8. Debug and Deployment Tools (5%)


  1. Salesforce Platform Developer I Credential
  2. Trailhead Superbadges
    • Apex Specialist
    • Data Integration Specialist
    • Aura Components Specialist
    • Advanced Apex Specialist

    Refer to the Link-1 for getting started with the preparation process of Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II.

    Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Exam Details:

    Number of questions: 60 Multiple-Choice and 5 pretest (unscored)

    Passing score: 70%

    Exam Time: 120 minutes

    Exam Format: For scheduling the exam, click here to choose between two options:

    1. Onsite Proctored: The exam is conducted in association with Kryterion. Registration for the exam must be done 24-72 hours in advance. To locate the test center, click here
    2. Online Proctored: Click here

    Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam: Considering that the candidate is experienced and skilled, the Salesforce Platform Developer II exam preparation takes about 2 months and it is recommended that the exam shall be undertaken after getting the Superbadges which take about 40-50 hours in all.

    A certified developer is required to complete the Platform Developer II certification maintenance modules on Trailhead thrice per year to renew the certification.

    For more details, log on to official SFDC website.

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