Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer Details

Certification Industry: CRM

Certificate Name: Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer

Certificate Issuing Authority: Salesforce

Certification Price: 400 USD

Certificate Validity: 1 Year

If you have the skills of bringing out of the box ideas for scalable solutions and designing them on the Salesforce.com platform, then this exam is a must for you. It is specially designed for analysts, architects, and administrators who can solve complex problems and convey the results to the technical stakeholders. Since you will be working as an advanced administrator or a technical architect, you must know how a security model works, CRUD based security, etc.

Average Salary of a Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer:

USA: $62,543 (Source)

India: INR 1,214k – INR 1,315k (Source)

Benefits of Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer  Certification:

  1. Job Opportunities - A Sharing and Visibility Designer is entitled to better job opportunities owing to the highly advanced skills and knowledge that is offered by this certification. It provides an individual with appropriate recognition in their career path.
  2. Salary Increment - A Sharing and Visibility Designer with the Salesforce certification will surely earn 20%-30% more than those without any certification. Also, even if you have less experience, this certification will help you get a job at top MNCs.

Exam Topics:

  1. Declarative Sharing: 76%
  2. Performance and Scalability: 7%
  3. Programmatic Sharing: 17%

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer Exam Details:

Retake Fee: $200 + taxes. If the credential expires then you have to give the full proctored exam again. You will start receiving email notifications as a reminder to complete your modules.

Number of Questions: 60 MCQs

Time: 105 minutes

Passing Marks: 67%

Exam Format :

  1. Onsite Proctored - The exam is conducted in association with Kryterion. Registration for the exam must be done 24-72 hours in advance. To locate the test center, click here.
  2. Online Proctored - For an online proctored exam, click here.

Time Taken to Prepare for The Exam: It takes about 3 months in all for a beginner to grasp the concepts. However, a professional might take a lesser amount of time with multiple study aids.

For more details, log on to the official website

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