ACA - Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate Certification Practice Tests

Master the practice tests (292 Questions) to successfully pass the ACA - Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate Certification

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ACA - Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate Certification Practice Tests
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Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate)

Srikanth Kappagantula shares 292 Questions in 6 practice tests


Foundational certification for cloud practitioner and beginner who desires to enter cloud world.


Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) is a certification designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud's core products from computing, storage, networking to security.

About Practice Tests

The practice tests evaluate the proficiency while dealing with certification material. Every response to the question includes detailed analysis, explanation of the choice selected, and also provide a reference to relevant documentation in Alibaba cloud site and other related sites

Practice Test Format

The Practice Tests are designed based on the exam design of the ACA- Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate Certification. The practice tests present questions in 3 formats (single selection, multiple selections, true or false questions) based on the allocation defined by the Alibaba cloud certification authority. The practice tests are designed to be completed in 90 minutes and have the allocation for each section as defined in the exam specifics.

Certification Exam

The certification details are laid out below to have a clear understanding of the expectations for the exam. This includes
  1. Exam Content & Ratio
  2. Question Types
  3. Exam Specifics
  4. Exam Breakdown

1. Exam Content & Ratio
The Certification exam tests your skills based on the following allocation for each section defined in exam outline at Alibaba Cloud Certification Page

S. NoProductProportion in examination
2Server Load Balancer 
3Object Storage Service (OSS)
4Relational Database Service (RDS) 
5Auto Scaling 
6Alibaba Cloud Security Service and Cloud Monitor
7General knowledge about Cloud Computing

2. Question Types
This section details out question types, number of questions and score per question.

S. NoQuestion TypeNumber of QuestionsScore per question
1Single selection302 score per question
2Multiple selections102 score per question
3True or False Questions102 score per question

3. Exam Specifics

This section details about different specifics of the exam aka duration, scores and passing scores, etc

S. NoSpecification DescriptionSpecification Value
1Examination formatClose Book
2Total number of questions50
3Full Score100
4Passing Score60
5Exam Duration90 minutes
6ReferenceACA-Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate

4. Exam Breakdown

The breakdown lists the topics, allocation, and a maximum number of questions you can expect from each product. Total number of questions: 50

S. NoProductAllocationSingle SelectionMultiple SelectionsTrue or False Question
2Server Load Balancer
3Object Storage Service (OSS)
4Relational Database (RDS)
5Auto Scaling
6Alibaba Cloud Security Service and Cloud Monitor
7General knowledge about Cloud Computing
-Total Questions100%301010


Each practice test can be taken multiple times to test your understanding and gain confidence in the topics.

The table below lists out the skill areas and the key topics that need to be clearly understood to write the certification.


The key objectives of the practice tests are to master the following examination objectives.

1. ECS
- Familiar with ECS-related concepts, including regions and zones, instances, disks, snapshots, images, networks, and security groups
- Has knowledge about the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios, APIs, and SDKs of ECS
- Able to deploy applications based on ECS products
- Familiar with the usage and operations of ECS instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images, and tags
2. Auto Scaling
- Familiar with the basic concepts related to Auto Scaling, including scaling groups, scaling configuration, scaling rules, scaling activities, scaling trigger tasks, scaling mode, and freezing time
- Familiar with Auto Scaling features, product advantages, and common application scenarios
3. Server Load Balancer
- Familiar with Server Load Balancer-related basic concepts and features, including the Server Load Balancer definition, implementation principles, supported protocols, session persistence, health checks, backend server weights, certificates, and forwarding policies.
- Familiar with Server Load Balancers product advantages and its application scenarios.
- Has knowledge about usage, operation, and maintenance of Server Load Balancers, including Server Load Balancer configuration, maintenance, precautions, and problem identification and handling
4. OSS
- Familiar with the OSS-related concepts, including regions, buckets, objects, anti-leech, and object lifecycle management.
- Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios, and billing models of OSS products.
- Has knowledge about the management, use, and operations of OSS buckets and objects.
5. RDS
- Familiar with the RDS-related concepts and the database type supported, include MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and PPAS.
- Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios, and billing models of RDS products.
- Has knowledge about the management, use, and operations of RDS instance, such as connecting to RDS, read-only and backup, etc
6. Alibaba Cloud Security services and CloudMonitor
- Has basic security awareness and security basics of using Cloud services.
- Has knowledge about Alibaba Cloud Security series, such as Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, Security Center, and CloudMonitor.
7. General knowledge about Cloud Computing

- Practitioners in the cloud computing field are required to possess a basic knowledge about the related concepts, technologies, and cloud computing advantages, including the definition, features, advantages, service types, implementation technologies, and deployment methods of cloud computing. 

Srikanth Kappagantula

Srikanth Kappagantula, a Senior Cloud Architect and an accomplished technical leader with over 23+ years of experience in advisory, solution presales, implementation, architecture and training.

Srikanth carries a great passion for education. Certified in multiple cloud domains in Cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Terraform in Architecture, Administration, Devops, Automation, Security and Big Data Analytics. Have extensively worked in developing course content, practice questions to empower students (150+) both one on one and teams in learning and succeed in their certifications.

Runs a portal S5 Cloud Education and YouTube Channel to share his insights on leading certifications.

Besides, Srikanth as Senior cloud architect leads and deliver digital transformation, cloud adoption and migration, innovation, automation, analytics and data management for organizations by empowering clients to build and execute their cloud, big data, AI and Devops strategies to achieve real business outcomes.

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