AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional - Practice Test 2022

Latest 150+ Questions for AWS Certified Professional Exam 2022 | Score 70% + in AWS Certification Exam | AWS Test

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AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional - Practice Test 2022
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Welcome! Here to help you clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam- Practice test 2021 (SAP-C02) examination.

Considering that Amazon Web Services is one the most prominent cloud services platforms with half of the market share, AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional (SAP-C02) has been amid the topmost paying jobs around the world. With proficiency in AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification, professionals can make humongous changes in the tech industry and are hired for highly paid roles.

The set of questions involves all the latest modules covered in the SAP-C02 certification, including modules covering Design for Organizational Complexity, Design for New Solutions, Migration Planning, Cost Control, and Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions.


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These AWS certified solution architects' professional training modules cover the latest pattern followed by the actual examination and provide insights on the type of questions appearing in the actual examination.

Topics Covers:-


AWS Lambda
Amazon EC2
API Gateway
Migrating Services
Deployment options for Auto Scaling with instances, containers, and serverless.


Amazon S3
Amazon EFS
AWS Storage Gateway
Amazon FSx


Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon Aurora
Using caching solutions-DynamoDB DAX, Amazon ElastiCache

Security, identity and compliance:-

Know about your IAM policies
AWS Single Sign-on and Cognito
KMS, Certificate Manager
Implementing AWS WAF

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