AWS - Certified Solutions Architect Associate - SAA-C02 - Updated February 2022

Simulations to prepare you to take the SAA-C002 exam updated questions.

Level: Beginner

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No. of Exams: 13

AWS - Certified Solutions Architect Associate - SAA-C02 - Updated February 2022
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This course will guide you to practice questions similar to the exam that cover all the main domain areas of the AWS SAA-C02 exam:

- Design Resilient Architecture (30% of examination)
- Design High-Performing Architectures (28% of examination)

- Design Secure Applications and Architectures (24% of examination)
- Design Cost-Optimized Architectures (18% of examination)

  • I recommend you score at least an 90% on all simulations before trying the actual exam.
  • No duplicate questions.
  • Response Types: 
  • There are two types of questions on the examination:

General Examination Tips

- Response Types: 

- Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors).
- Multiple response: Has two or more correct responses out of five or more options.

- You are not penalized for wrong answers. If you have drawn a blank, choose an answer to give yourself a chance.

- Tips for checking your answers before submitting your exam:
- Read through each question to make sure you did not fall into any traps.
- Count how many answers you are sure you have gotten correct. If you have more than 46, then submit the exam. If you are a cautious person, submit the exam when you have more than 50 correct.

- Most questions are 1-2 lines of a scenario followed by the actual question itself.
They typically get straight to the point without any filler. With many questions in the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, you will find that there are multiple correct answers and you must select the answer that best fits the scenario. For instance, you may be asked to select the MOST secure, MOST cost-effective, or MOST operationally efficient option.

Important: Be very careful reading the wording of the question to ensure you select the correct answer! Sometimes small details can be easily missed that change the answer – so take your time when sitting the exam.

Only this course isn't enought to obttain approval in the exam. This course is a very powerfull tool, but firstly you have to study the exam subjects to allign the content learned with the format of the questions and so get simillarity with Exam format of questions. Use the Study Guide to help on the coverage of all exam subjects.

Exam Informations

Exam Title: AWS Certified Solutions Architect SAA-C02
Number of Questions: 65 Questions
Duration: 130 minutes
Test Format: Multiple-choice and Multiple Response
Test Score: 100 - 1000
Passing Score: A passing score is 720 (Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple exam forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.)
Language Exam: English, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

* Mapping Multi-Tier Architectures to AWS Services, such as web/app servers, firewalls, caches, and load balancers
* Understanding managed RDBMS through AWS RDS (MySQL®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, Postgres, Aurora)
* Understanding Loose Coupling and Stateless Systems
* Comparing Different Consistency Models in AWS Services
* Understanding how AWS CloudFront can make your application more cost efficient, faster, and secure
* Implementing Route tables, Access Control Lists, Firewalls, NAT, and DNS
* Applying AWS Security Features along with traditional Information and Application Security
* Using Compute, Networking, Storage, and Database AWS services
* Architecting Large Scale Distributed Systems
* Understanding of Elasticity and Scalability Concepts
* Understanding of Network Technologies Relating to AWS
* Deploying and Managing Services with tools such as CloudFormation, OpsWorks, and Elastic Beanstalk

Ken Adams

Professional with over 13 years experience in Information Technology, supporting users and companies, personally and remotely. Solid experience in activities related to: Linux and Windows operating system, IT Governance, Infrastructure, ITIL, Service Desk, KPI, services and equipment quotations, backup and data restore, flowcharts creation and process documentation.

Haman Sharma

13-Dec-2020 02:59:12 AM
There are some wrong questions
17-Oct-2021 07:42:42 AM
Ken Adams Hi Elvecio, I am sorry that you feel this way about the course. We are working constantly to keep the material the more efficient as possible to help on the exam preparation.
21-Oct-2021 12:41:56 PM

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