AZ-900 Practice Exam - 4 Exams with Real Questions

Real Exam type questions that will help you pass the AZ-900 certification easily.

Level: Beginner

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No. of Exams: 4 (1 Free)

AZ-900 Practice Exam - 4 Exams with Real Questions
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Practice Exam 1 (Mixed Questions) | No. of Questions: 35 | (Free) Access Now

Practice Exam 2 (Instruction/Solution Based) | No. of Questions: 40 |

Practice Exam 3 (AZ Service Recommendations Based) | No. of Questions: 40 |

Bonus Questions (Identity, Governance, Compliance) | No. of Questions: 30 |

Practice tests contain the latest additions on the new AZ-900 topics, the exam received an update in May 2020. My AZ-900 Azure practice tests are closest to the actual exam. Each question has detailed explanations at the end of each set that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Azure services.

These AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams have a passing score of above 70%, but I highly encourage you to repeat taking these exams again and again until you consistently reach a score of 90% or higher on each exam.

The objective of this course is to provide you questions to practice in different areas of Azure before appearing for your AZ900 Fundamentals certification. Wherever possible, I've have tried adding explanation in the question as well so it can help you learn.

The exam consists of:
Module 1: Cloud Concepts (15-20%)
Module 2: Core Azure Services (30-35%)
Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (25 - 30%)
Module 4: Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%)

Ralph Bryant

I am life long learner and always trying to out new technologies. Azure is the first cloud platform that I learnt and hopefully not the last one. I'm here to share how I learnt and hopefully you can learn from me.

Haman Sharma

13-Dec-2020 02:59:31 AM

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