Crack Oracle OCI Architect Associate Exam Practice Exams: 1Z0 -1072

Looking for extra practice for OCI Architect Associate Practice Exams: 1Z0 -1072. Take our 3 exams for guaranteed results

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Crack Oracle OCI Architect Associate Exam Practice Exams: 1Z0 -1072
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These practice exams are meant to validate your OCI Knowledge and do not serve as Question Exam Dumps. We have taken personal care of making sure all the questions are relevant along with the answers. Additionally, please engage with me in the Q&A sections of the exams (under practice mode of exam) if you have any feedback or any question in general. Finally, please spread the word if you like our exams. 

With three practice exams and 66 questions in each exam, you are guaranteed pass in the real certification.

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If you are looking to prepare and pass the OCI Architect Associate Practice Exams: 1Z0 -1072, you should check out our practice exams. We have personally taken the exam in May 2020 and covered all the relevant topics to help you prepare for the exams. With each question, you will also get the relevant explanation and link to OCI documentation. Please note that these exams are not dumps but meant to help you succeed and deepen your understanding of OCI concepts.

Exam topics covered are:

  1. Identity and Access Management
  2. Networking
  3. Advanced Networking Concepts
  4. Multiple VNICs, and IP addresses
  5. Compute
  6. Storage
  7. Launching Bare Metal and Virtual Compute Instances
  8. Database
  9. Advanced Database
  10. Architecting Best Practices
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