Highly Realistic 2.0 PMP New Format 2022 Exam Practice Tests (360 Situational QNAS)

Highly Realistic 2.0 PMP Practice Tests For 2022 Exams - 360 Situational Questions Prepared Based On 2021 Exam Changes, Focused To Provide Real Exam Experience

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Highly Realistic 2.0 PMP New Format 2022 Exam Practice Tests (360 Situational QNAS)
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Highly Realistic 2.0 PMP practice tests for 2022 exams are designed with 360 questions. These questions are prepared based on Project Management Professional’s 2021 new format, implemented from January 2nd, 2021.

These 360 questions are designed based on PMP exam's format changes:

- 50% Agile, Hybrid and Incremental lifecycle questions.
- 50% waterfall lifecycle questions.

- These 360 questions are structured in four sets.

# Each set covers 90 questions, the allocated time for each set is 120 minutes.

# The passing score for each practice test is 80%.
# All the sets contain a timer like a real exam.

- Multiple choice questions (Example – Choose two, choose three).
- Hotspot questions.
- Single choice questions.

- Questions are prepared based on the following:

# PMBOK 6th edition

# PMP lates exam content outline

# Agile practice guide
# Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Examination Content Outline, For January 2021 Exam Update example - People (42%), Process (50%), Business Environment (8%).

- 85% are situational questions, remaining 15% are based on PMP exam theory.
- Questions are supported with detailed explanations, PMBOK page number references, several diagrams, and external links.
- Several numerical questions on the critical path method, earned value management, TCPI, etc are covered in 360 questions.

We recommend studying PMBOK Guide 6th edition/Rita/Head First/Andy Crowe, Agile practice guide, Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Examination Content Outline, For January 2021 Exam Update before appearing to these practice exams.

If your score would be less than 60% for any of these practice sets, we suggest spending 1-2 hours to evaluate the knowledge gaps by reviewing explanations, referring to the study material, and re-appear in the same mock(s) after 7 days.

In case of any question, please utilize the “Ask Questions” option.

Who this course is for:

- Individuals Who Want to Achieve The PMP Certification
- Project Managers
- IT Project Managers
- Managers
- Leaders
- Professionals Seeking Promotions
- Professionals Seeking Advance Level In Career

PMP New Horizon Group wishes you all the best for your PMP exam.

Happy Learning!!
PMP New Horizon Group

The best way to use this course:

Revise all the processes from the PMBOK Guide 6th edition/Rita/Head First/Andy Crowe etc.
Take the quiz for the knowledge area and check your answers.
Document Lessons Learned for each incorrect answer and refer to your study material (If required).

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Nagaraju Degulapet

19-Apr-2021 06:31:50 AM
PMP New Horizon Group Dear Nagaraju, Thank you for rating our course. We value your review. If any assistance is required, please let us know through student's queries section. In addition, if you are yet to gain the PMP certification, we wish all the best for the exam. Happy Learning! Regards PMP New Horizon Group
05-Nov-2021 08:55:39 AM

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