ITIL Foundation V4 - Updated February 2022

Exam preparation for ITIL Foundation V4

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ITIL Foundation V4 - Updated February 2022
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Over 480 Questions and Answers are available!!!

This course will allow you to assess your knowledge of the following topics in the ITIL v4 Foundation exam:

- IT Service Management as a practice

- ITIL Service Cycle

- Technology and architecture

- Competence and training

  • I recommend you score at least 80% on all exams before trying the actual exam. 
  • No duplicate questions.

General Examination Tips

  • You are not penalized for wrong answers. If you have drawn a blank, choose an answer to give yourself a chance.
  • Drop perfectionism. The exam is pass/fail. There is no bonus credit for answering more than 26 questions correctly.
  • Tips for checking your answers before submitting your exam:
  • Read through each question to make sure you did not fall into any traps.
  • Count how many answers you are sure you have gotten correct. If you have more than 26, then submit the exam. If you are a cautious person, submit the exam when you have more than 28 correct.

Key to Success: Avoid the Traps

The ITIL Foundation exam has a high pass rate. Statistics published in 2013 show a 90% pass rate, and many training providers advertise a 99% pass rate. Those who avoid the key traps will succeed on the exam.

How to avoid the trap: Memorize, don’t analyze.

The exam is multiple choice and tests basic knowledge of ITIL best practices. Memorize high-level concepts and definitions and stay focused on those concepts and definitions. Do not think about how your company does a particular process. Do not think about how you would improve the process. Just answer based on the ITIL materials.

How to avoid the trap: Memorize groups.

Some questions offer 2 or more options that may be correct. The answers will involve various combinations of those options, and only one combination is correct. The simplest version of this question is to present two options and offer these four potential answers: #1 only, #2 only, both, or neither. Frequently, there will be 4 options and 4 combinations presented.

How to avoid the trap: Learn acronyms. Memorize lists in their correct order.

It’s not always enough to know the items in a list. If they are presented in a particular sequence or represented by an acronym, then it is crucial to know the correct order. Knowing the sequence makes the difference between an easy answer and a wild guess.

How to avoid the trap: Read each question carefully.

Some questions are worded in a way that would trip up someone who did not read every word of the question. Do not read the first few words and jump down to the answers. Each question has some keywords that will either make the right answer obvious or quickly eliminate one or more possible answers.

Only this course isn't enough to obtain approval in the exam. This course is a very powerful tool, but first you have to study the exam subjects to align the content learned with the format of the questions and so get similarity with Exam format of questions.

Exam Information

Exam Title: ITIL v4 Foundation

Number of Questions: 40 Questions

Duration: 60 minutes

Test Format: Multiple-choice

Passing Score: A passing score is 65% (at least 26 marks)

Language Exam: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

- IT Service Management as a practice
- ITIL Service Cycle
- Technology and architecture
- Competence and training

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