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Durga is a MDM and Azure solution Architect ,consultant and software developer having over 10+ years on experience in Information Technology and software field . He is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

Completed Certifications : AZ-900 , AZ-104, AZ-303,AZ-304.
His mission is to act as a stimulant to bring positive career change for everyone by sharing my Technical knowledge on this forum. His study materials are made to help students & professionals  reach their full potentials , to get certified, and thus achieve their career goals.

He is passionate at what he do and he dedicate a lot of my time creating educational courses while juggling a full time job.

Happy Learning!

My Courses

AZ-500 : Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Certification Exam Practice Tests $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 80 Hot & New
AZ-104 : Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Practice Test Papers $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 70 Hot & New
AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification Practice Tests $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 60 Hot & New
AZ-304 : Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification Practice Tests Course $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 58 Hot & New
AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Practice Tests $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 124 Hot & New
AZ-400: Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification Practice Tests $15 $7.95
Enrolled: 33 Hot & New

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