Master Facial Recognition in .NET/C# using Aforge/Accord

Face/Object Detection made Simple

6 sections • 23 lectures • 1hrs 35mins
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Master Facial Recognition in .NET/C# using Aforge/Accord
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A succinct course on facial recognition with step by step guide for every action and extracts from practical project. Results output are first explained before the technical discussion and demo are thoroughly explained. Simple and well pace approach is used across the course with detailed audio and visual presentation. Lessons include Libraries Integration, Introduction to desktop UI, Images filters, live and non-live face detection with scenarios for various application types (mobile, web, desktop and cloud)

Course content
6 sections • 23 lectures • 1hrs 35mins

Introduction - 01mins
Course Overview - 01mins
Assumptions - 01mins
Course Expectations - 01mins
Hardware Requirements - 44secs
Software Requirements - 01mins
Introduction to Aforge.NET - 01mins
Introduction to Accord.NET - 01mins
Windows Form UI Intro - 03mins
Libraries Integration in Visual Studio - 05mins
Face Detection Overview - 03mins
Face Detection Code Demo - 06mins
Detect, Start and Stop Camera - 06mins
Live Capture Demo - 06mins
Overview, GrayScale and Difference Filter - 02mins
Forward Fourier Transform and Other Filters - 03mins
Filter UI and Face API - 05mins
Filter Code Demo - 12mins
Overview and Validation Rules - 06mins
Demo Run-through - 02mins
Visual Studio Code Demo 1 - 07mins
Visual Studio Code Demo 2 - 05mins
Conclusion - 05mins

Learn Image Processing, Face Detection, Computer Vision, and Object Detection

Moses G. Akomolafe

Moses Akomolafe has a BSc and MSc in Information Technology from Teesside University. He has over 13 years of experience ranging in Software development, Mobile App Development, Solution Architect, Technical Leadership, etc. across various business sectors including National organizations and private businesses. Over the years, he has worked in designing and developing solutions for desktop, web, and mobile environments. He currently focuses on enterprise solution delivery

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