SDLC and SCRUM for Business Analysts

This course introduces SDLC models, and analyses Agile and Scrum in detail with focus on tricks for Business Analysts.

5 sections • 25 lectures • 1hrs 3mins
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SDLC and SCRUM for Business Analysts
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The course will be helpful not only for Business Analysts and Product Owners, who are interested in SDLC and SCRUM, but also for Project Managers, Scrum Masters and in general for IT specialists who'd like to become more mature in announced topics:

  • the course contains the introduction of the SDLC concept with analysis of each stage;
  • it contains the classification of models: Predictive and Adaptive. The list of SDLC models in each group is presented; the course contains the description of Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, V-Model, Big Bang Model, Rapid Application Development Model and Prototyping Model; the design, application and pros&cons of each of the suggested models are analysed;
  • given the explanation of the Agile mindset concept;
  • SCRUM is dissembled with all the components and details on enough level to call yourself an expert after the course. You'll know Scrum roles, events and artifacts with all the characteristics and some details, that are not explained in Scrum Guide;
  • the role of Business Analyst in SCRUM is not obvious, after the course, you'll be able to unmistakenly define where are you in this process and will be able to suggest improvements or changes if they are needed;
  • separate Agile practices, extremely useful for Business Analysts are presented.

Course content
5 sections • 25 lectures • 1hrs 3mins

Project Development Classic Problem - 01mins
SDLC - Definition - 37secs
Software Development Life Cycle Stages - 02mins
Predictive vs Adaptive - Classification - 02mins
Waterfall Model - 04mins
Iterative Model - 03mins
Spiral Model - 04mins
V-model - 04mins
Big Bang Model - 01mins
Rapid Application Development Model (RAD) - 04mins
Software Prototype Model - 03mins
Agile Mindset - 50secs
Values and Principles of Agile - 02mins
Agile Practices - 01mins
SCRUM Structure and Origins - 03mins
SCRUM Components - 01mins
SCRUM Roles - 01mins
Where is Business Analyst in SCRUM? - 01mins
SCRUM Artifacts - 02mins
SCRUM Events - 05mins
Transparency Artifacts - 03mins
Capacity and Velocity - 01mins
Story Points - 02mins
User Story - 01mins
Bonus Lecture - 01mins
  • Define SDLC and different types of SDLC
  • Recognize Predictive and Adaptive SDLC models
  • Acquire understanding and skills for using of Agile mindset and practices in everyday work
  • Become an expert in SCRUM roles, events and artefacts; find out useful for Business Analysts Scrum practices; be confident in using them in practice
Nataliia Koponkina

Hi! I am a Business Analyst in IT with 6 years of experience working with different domains within different projects. In addition to that I've been lucky to perform as  Scrum Master for 5 years overall, making my teams efficient and the client happy. I am also proud to call myself a Certified Business Analyst Professional, starting from 2020 and Professional Scrum Master I starting from 2014.

For almost 10 years working in IT, I've gained a lot of practical knowledge, I'll be happy to share.

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