Maybe you’re struggling with the same question that everyone once encounters – Should I do a certification in my field if I know how to effectively do my job?

This article will help you decide whether getting certified is the way to go or not. For the purpose of this discussion, I will discuss examples from my field of Information Technology (IT). However, the idea applies to all lines of jobs, be it Healthcare, Nursing, Insurance or whatever field you are in.

So, below is my reasoning:

Stand apart from the crowd: You may not be looking for another job and getting certified wouldn’t necessarily get you a job if you were out in the market. However, the job markets tend to change often. Companies go through ups and downs and then there is always the outsourcing of jobs that happen more often than not. So, if I were a hiring manager, and if it was a decision between two candidates who had same experience and skillset (all other things being equal), I would go for a certified candidate. Certifications act as an unbiased barometer for a hiring manager to select the right candidate. 

Keep up with the latest and greatest: Technology is changing at a rapid rate. Take Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an example. Every other month AWS adds new features to their already expansive suite of cloud portal. Certifications are an inexpensive way to showcase that you’re keeping your expertise current and up to date. AWS has very demanding and difficult certification exams. By passing these exams you’re creating a gold standard in your area of expertise.

Increase your earning potential: While it is not always the case, but some highly qualified jobs ask for certifications and with that comes the big bucks. As per Glassdoor, the average base pay for Cloud Architect is $142K per year. Having a stamp of approval from AWS as a certified cloud architect definitely demands that pay.

Increase your promotion chances: If you have a good boss, he/she will definitely notice your extra efforts you are putting in to get certified. Nothing helps more than getting business aligning certifications and letting your boss know that you are ready to take the next step in your career. It opens up the opportunity door for you to do something new.

Personal Satisfaction: If you’re like me, and want to keep up with the next new thing, certifications are a great way to go about it. The certifications guide you to learn what’s important and once you have cleared the exam, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Oh yes! The bragging rights come with each certification you clear.

I hope this helps you decide whether you should go for a new certification or not. There is no wrong answer here. And if you want to get certified, choose the one that you are most passionate about. May the force be with you!

Author: Haman is the founder of Review N Prep. You can get in touch with him at

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