Crack PMP In First Attempt PMP Pro Exam Tips

The Project Management Professional or PMP certification is a globally recognized credential in the domain of project management. According to research, employers would come across the need to fill up 2.2 million new project-oriented roles annually till 2027.  Therefore, you can notice the prolific demand for project managers.  If you are reading this blog, our assumption […]

aws vs azure vs gcp

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP – The Best Cloud Platform To Start Learning!

The doubt regarding the choice of a certification course is one of the first steps in your cloud computing career. Many entry-level cloud computing jobs require experience, thereby creating difficulties for entering the domain of cloud computing. Demand for cloud skills is at an all-time high!  However, a cloud certification helps you cross the initial barriers and […]

Scalability Vs Elasticity in cloud computing

Scalability Vs. Elasticity In Cloud Computing

It’s been ten years after NIST clarified the difference between Elasticity vs. Scalability. But cloud elasticity and cloud scalability are still considered equal. For this reason, both terms seem to be used interchangeably. But the definition of scalability and elasticity in cloud computing is not complete without understanding the clear connection between both these terms. Both […]

what is scrum

Getting started with Scrum

What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework for Agile software development. Simply put it is a better way of building products. Scrum is a lightweight framework used for addressing complex adaptive problems while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. It’s simple to understand but difficult to master. Your business needs to […]

Exam guide for Alibaba Cloud Associate Cloud Native Certification

ACA Cloud Native Certification

Exam guide for Alibaba Cloud Associate Cloud-Native Certification Finally, I’ve successfully passed the Alibaba Cloud Associate Cloud Native. It was almost one month that I’ve been preparing for this certification. In my opinion, this is the second most difficult exam of Alibaba associate level after Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data. This certification exam is not for Alibaba […]

Prepare for CKAD

Important Tips For CKAD

How to Prepare for CKAD? From my experience, I must tell you that CKAD is not just about learning the syllabus. Studying all the topics of CKAD will not take much time. The real challenge is to apply your understanding/learning and solving the problems during the exam time duration. CKAD exam tests your time management […]

OCI Architect Associate Certification

How To Pass OCI Architect Associate Certification

Preparation Notes On How To Pass OCI Architect Associate Certification I recently prepared for and passed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 1Z0-1072-OCI-Architect-Associate-2019 exam. The format and the content for the exam is available on Oracle’s education site – Become an OCI architect Associate I would absolutely recommend a refresh of the OCI fundamentals before jumping into […]

Upskill In Technology With These FREE Online Courses

It’s The Right Time To Upskill In Technology With These FREE Online Courses

Upskill In Technology With These FREE Online Courses DISCLAIMER: Opinions are our own and not influenced by any content provider – Team During these extraordinary times, while the war between Virus versus the World rages on and with no antidote insight as of now, social distancing has proved to be the only viable option. […]