Aspiring to become a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant? Follow this definitive Service Cloud Consultant Certification exam guide to prepare and pass the exam on the first attempt.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud all about?

Salesforce releases new system features every year, under the names Spring (SP), Summer (SU), and Winter (WI). These updates allow the professionals to maintain their certification by taking up the respective requirement in alignment with the product release cycles. 

The Service Cloud Consultant exam, offered by Salesforce, is tailored for the consultants who are experts in implementing the Service Cloud solutions within Salesforce to meet the customer requirements. 

This exam has the potential to check the abilities of candidates in terms of designing and implementing cloud solutions to determine whether the customer needs are scalable and maintainable or not. 

This examination will be a breakthrough for all the individuals who intend to learn the operations embedded with Service Cloud. 

Therefore, this Service Cloud Consultant exam guide will be helping you in the process of acquiring all of the important concepts, knowledge, and preparatory measures to clear this exam and master the fundamentals. So, begin with your pursuit of achieving the certification right away! 

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Why Take the Service Cloud Consultant Exam?

Salesforce Service Consultant Exam intends to develop a plethora of skills in you. 

After you have acquired the Salesforce Administrator certification, you will have the prerequisite to take on Service Cloud Consultant.

The reason why eligible people are turning up on priority for taking this exam is the amount of knowledge and skills that it will certify.

Here is the list of skills that you will develop in the pursuit of attaining this certification:

  1. You will develop the experience of managing all of the implementation projects. 
  2. You will develop problem-solving and analytical skills. 
  3. The candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge of all the Salesforce products. 
  4. You will be mastering cloud computing and internet technologies. 
  5. Also, you will get a clear idea of the database concepts and data management aspects. 
  6. Software development lifecycle is crucial to understand, and this certification helps you with it.

These were the skills that are the luring factors for drawing the attention of eligible individuals to take on this certification exam. But that doesn’t end here! On attaining the Service Cloud Consultant certification, you open yourself to acquire the ability to do several things. 

Therefore, here are a few of the abilities you will develop from your career perspective with Salesforce Cloud. 

  1. It develops the ability to design & implement successful and impactful solutions. 
  2. You will be better proficient in identifying, anticipating, and mitigating the risk factors within the cloud. 
  3. It will help you understand, manage and meet the customer requirements on priority. 
  4. Customers will show more confidence in the professionals who hold the right certification. 
  5. You can set up the management efforts to ensure that the solution succeeds over the long term. 
  6. Troubleshooting and fixing the minute issues will be your forte. 
  7. Some unsolvable customer issues can be prioritized and escalated to higher authorities for a definite outcome. 

And these evident reasons, skills, abilities, and other such aspects are more than sufficient to help motivate the people to take on this certification exam. So, taking up this examination is a perfect idea for building a healthy career. 

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Target Audience

The Salesforce Administrators, Service Cloud Consultants, Designing Service Cloud Consultants are the professions that demand the clearance of this certification to obtain the described job roles and advanced knowledge.

This certification allows an individual to design & deploy ideal solutions for customer support requirements and associated business processes by implementing the Salesforce applications. 

The consultant pursues the experience upon designing solutions by leveraging the potential of Service Cloud functionality.

Following that, a certified Service Cloud Consultant will lead the solution implementation within the customer’s organization. With ideal preparation and completion of this certification exam, the consultant will possess industrial hands-on experience when dealing with contact centers and will also be proficient in handling diverse Salesforce applications.

There are scenarios where the consultant might need to put up multiple applications for common requirements set for customers. Also, the fundamental knowledge required for this examination clarifies the intensity of broad knowledge that a person will possess by attaining this certification.

Job roles

The candidates applying for the Service Cloud Consultant exam should have clarity about the job role options available to him/her upon clearing it.

An individual who has earned the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification can work as:

  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Call Centre Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Engagement Manager

Eligibility Criteria for the Service Cloud Exam

The only criteria for attaining this examination is to clear the prerequisite certification, i.e., Salesforce Administrator Certification. Apart from that, you only need the motivation to achieve this certification and clear your conceptual barriers. 

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Salesforce Administrator Certification
Salesforce Admin Preparation Guide

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Practice Exams

A candidate for this examination might need assistance in some areas of their preparation to attain success. These areas of assistance include:

  1. Performing advanced data management operations. Archiving and Migration of data will also be the services that will be expected from a Service Cloud Consultant to offer. 
  2. Architecting any of the integration solutions. 
  3. Productive use of the Salesforce mobile application 

When these areas are covered and you hold the prerequisite certification, you are ready to take this examination! 

Exam Outline – Domains Covered in the exam

domains in SP21
Domains Covered in the Salesforce Service Cloud Certification

The domains within this exam are the subject matters that frames the questions of this examination. It is like the syllabus or topics that you need to prepare as per the weightage to attain this certification.

So, here are the domains with the weightage over the examination to help you narrow down your preparation efforts:

Industry Knowledge- Weightage of 10%

  • Explanation of factors that promote business challenges, KPIs, and contact center metrics. 
  • Explanation of the use cases & benefits for diverse interaction channels. 
  • Comparing and contrasting all the different contact center types, along with their business drivers. The business drivers here are help desks, telesales, depot repair, B2B, and others. 
  • Understanding the knowledge base benefits. 

Implementation Strategies- Weightage of 15%

  • Determining the right way of facilitating a consulting engagement to attain success in it. Consulting engagement includes planning, gathering requirements, building, testing, designing, and others. 
  • Determining appropriate strategies for licensing & deployment of a contact center. 

 Service Cloud Solution Design- Weightage of 16%

  • Analysis of customer requirements for determining tailored solution design, with ideal consideration of limitations, design trade-offs, and capabilities. 
  • Distinguishing the major performance optimization components within a selected design. 
  • Understanding and utilizing the benefits & use cases of Salesforce Field Service, Communities, and CTI. 

Knowledge Management- Weightage of 9%

  • Explanation of the knowledge lifecycle, that involves creating, publishing, consumption, and customer feedback. 
  • Determining an ideal approach to adopt & maintain the knowledge upon being provided with all the business process requirements. 
  • Determining the process of configuring the article record types, data categories, publishing workflow, and others. 
  • Understanding the important considerable factors during implementation of data migration strategy under knowledge. 
  • Describe the factors of consideration during the migration process from Knowledge to Lighting Knowledge. 

Interaction Channels- Weightage of 10%

  • Describing the functionality and use cases for each of the interaction channels such as Experience Cloud Sites, phone, chat, web, email, mobile, social media, and others. 
  • Determining rightful approach for the case submission aspects, with all of the business process requirements. 
  • Insight into the design considerations. 

Case Management- Weightage of 15%

  • Designing a case management solution from creation to closure. 
  • Describing the relationships between all of the cases.
  • Determining the ideal solution for case management amongst the KPIs.
  • Explanation on the use cases, capabilities, and how to configure the service entitlements. 
  • Explanation of the capabilities, limitations, and use cases of Service Cloud Automation. 
  • Identifying the potential of Social Customer Service.

Contact Center Analytics- 5%

  • With ideal metrics, consider determining the reporting solution by taking all of the data into account. 
  • Evaluation of the factors that are responsible for designing dashboards and reports for serving different stakeholders. 

Integration and Data Management- Weightage of 5%

  • Explaining the use cases & considerations for common integrations within Service Cloud.
  • Explaining the considerations for data quality and data migration. 

Service Console- Weightage of 15%

  • Identifying the appropriate features of Service Console, to meet the specific business needs. 
  • Explaining the diverse working features of Service Console for delivering business value. 
  • Describing how one feature needs to be implemented within Service Console.

Service Cloud Consultant Exam Information

Service Cloud Exam Details
Service Cloud Exam Details
  1. The main content of the examination will consist of 60 MCQs. There will be five non-scored questions as well. 
  2. The time allotted for completing the examination is a total of 105 minutes
  3. The passing score for clearing this certification exam is 67%.
  4. The registration fee you need to pay for this examination is USD 200, along with the taxes inclusive of it, as per the local law.
  5. The retake fee for Service Cloud Consultant certification is USD 100, with the taxes as per local law. 
  6. The Delivery options for this certification exam stand with proctored delivery at test centers or online proctored examination
  7. There is no such source of using online materials or hard-copy references during the examination sessions. 

While following this exam guide, you need to keep in mind that while you are evaluating the questions & and answers, what are the types of questions asked. You need to consider all the available features on the current version. You can also use the features of Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

How to Start with the Service Cloud Certification Preparation?

As most consultant exams, you will be tested on both the technical side of your product, its business value, and its implementation. Do not panic out by seeing the domains and requirements for this exam. But instead, you need to narrow down your preparation measures to absorb the concepts easily. You can either take up self-study materials or refer to the online courses that are tailored for this examination.

You can prepare notes as per the topics that you are approaching first. And when you are done with a topic, strike it off to move on with the next. Decide the topics or domains based upon the weightage of domains. 

Preparation Steps for the Service Cloud Consultant Exam

  1. Earn the Prerequisites- Get the Salesforce Administrator certification to apply for the Service Cloud Consultant exam. 
  2. Study from the right Resources- You can explore the official tailored learning path to start your studying sessions for the exam. Start off with the Service Cloud Basics module on Trailhead. Follow it up with superbadges, that go into an even deeper scenario based challenges. Click on this link to redirect to the learning path! 
  3. Join the Community- Join the Salesforce community to stay in touch with all of the new insights about the certification exam. Moreover, joining the community will help you collaborate and study for better results. 
  4. You can also get in touch with us via Forums.
  5. Learning the Skills- Get help from Salesforce experts, use the resources well to master the skills essential for clearing this examination. Bookish studies aren’t sufficient to help you obtain this certification. But practical implementations will be more productive in the pathway of learning.
  6. Apply & Earn the Certification- When you feel like you are prepared to take the examination, go ahead and schedule it. 

Study Resources for Service Cloud Consultant

Here are the resources that you can explore in your pursuit of preparing for the examination:

  1. Official Learning Path by Salesforce Trailhead
  2. Joining the Trailblazer Community Classes & Workshops- Administer and Maintain Service CloudCertification Preparation for Service Cloud Consultant
  3. Practice Exams for Service Cloud Consultant Certification are must. Retake the exams till you score at least 90% in each mock exam.

How to Schedule Service Cloud Consultant Exam?

  1. Head to the official examination page
  2. Look for the ‘Schedule Now’ tab below.
  3. If you are new to Salesforce certification, then create a web assessor account. If you already have one, then just log in with it. 
  4. Choose the date when you wish to take the exam. 
  5. Choose the mode of delivery, whether test center-proctored or online-proctored. 
  6. Make the payment, and you will be scheduled for the exam. 

Pro Tips for Passing Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam

  1. First of, get enough hands on experience using your Salesforce Trailhead. Practicing in the developer sandbox will help you retain the concepts better. 
  2. Salesforce certifications in general have a lot of topics that are covered. If you are any struggling to grasp any concept, then you should create your own notes, and memorize. Visit these notes before the exam. It goes without saying that trails would also help you in this regard.
  3. Use the process of elimination, if you aren’t sure of the answer. Once you practice enough questions, you would notice that the answer choices are often made up of features or just plain incorrect.
  4. Finally, mark any that you are unsure about so you can check back later. 

Should You Use Service Cloud Dumps? 

Dumps are not recommended for the candidates to count on as their first mode of exam preparation. Instead, you can invest more time in taking a lot of the practice tests. The practice tests will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you enhance your capabilities.

The questions over practice tests have the same complexity and toughness to prepare you well for the actual exam. Not just that, but the practice exams will also nurture the real-time environment to help you get acquainted with the pressure. 


So, if you intend to prepare for the Service Cloud exam, then it is time for you to follow all the measures listed in this study guide. Refer to the resources and materials to put maximum effort! This guide for the Service Cloud Consultant will help all the candidates and aspiring Service Cloud consultants to clear the certification in one go. Choose the learning resources carefully and invest proper time in your certification preparation. With the right amount of preparation, you will never need to count on retakes. Stay focused and take good care of your health so you could achieve your goal!

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