How to prepare for Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate in Big Data?

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Finally, I’ve successfully passed the Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data in my second attempt. It was almost one month that I’ve been preparing for this certification. This is the most difficult exam of Alibaba associate level. This certification exam is for the candidates who have expertise in Big Data on Alibaba cloud platform. Alibaba Cloud Big Data Professional is intended for but not limited to the architects, developers, and O&M personnel who know how to use the Alibaba Big Data products. 

The Exam contains 60 questions that are technically designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Big Data products. It covers Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data products including MaxCompute, DataWorks, EMR, and Visualization. To earn this (Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate in Big Data) certification you need to get 65% marks.

This was the result of the journey: Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data

In this post you will find:

  • A path to achieve it
  • Study Materials
  • Exam Detail & Score

How to Achieve Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data Certification?

Before appearing to this exam you must have the vast knowledge of Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data products including MaxCompute, DataWorks, EMR and Visualization.

List of exam topics for Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data Certification

Alibaba Big Data-related knowledge:

  • Base of distributed theory – It goes without saying that the practical and the operational knowledge on the fundamental concepts about the distributed system on Alibaba Cloud is important. Additionally, the robust foundation on Hadoop, efficient and intermediate IT knowledge, able to handle the data analysis, with operational knowledge on the database is important.
  • E-MapReduce – It aims at providing fast data processing speed for the organizations which have huge amount of data to be processed. 
  • MaxCompute – This service is used for large-scale data warehousing which is a general purpose and fully managed data processing platform.
  • DataWorks – It provides secure environment for the offline data development.
  • Quick BI – It is the latest business intelligent service on the cloud which delivers analytic capabilities.
  • DataV – It is a data visualization tool that features a geographic information system. 

How to prepare for Alibaba Cloud Associate Big Data Certification?

There is only one way to study for this exam for enrolling cloud learning.

  • Cloud Computing Exam Preparation: The Alibaba Cloud Academy offers a range of certifications fitting the user’s desired education path and learning level. The existing documentation from Alibaba on its cloud products is written in a very detailed manner and provides all information you may need to get yourself up to speed with the service offering along with examples of how to use this service as part of other solutions. 

Certification examination structure and composition:

  • Total mark and examination duration: The examination paper contains 60 questions, evaluated out of 100 marks and must be completed within 90 minutes.
  • Examination registration: Please register online
  • Examination type: Close-book examination.
  • Examination content and ratio: For this Big Data Certification you can directly apply for the exam but it is recommended to have practical knowledge of Alibaba cloud big data products and should have familiarity with big data. Below is the breakup:
Product nameProportion in examination
Visualization and data consumption6%
ACA Big Data Examination content and ratio
  • Question types
Question typeNumber of questionsScores
Single-Selection30 Questions2 score per question
Multiple Selections10 Questions2 score per question
True/False Questions20 Questions1 score per question
ACA Big Data Question Type
ACA Big Data Certification Exam Overview (source:Alibaba)

On a closing note, there are multiple Alibaba Big Data Certifications. Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional Big Data certification, commonly known as ACP Big Data certification, is the professional-level Alibaba Big Data Certification which is after ACA Big Data Certification. Alibaba Cloud Big Data Expert is the final certification for those who have successfully done their ACA Big Data certification and ACP Big Data certification.

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