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During these extraordinary times, while the war between Virus versus the World rages on and with no antidote insight as of now, social distancing has proved to be the only viable option. Almost all the countries have declared lockdowns, which is being strictly followed. Factories have been shut down, schools and colleges closed, and with no production, a global economic slowdown seems imminent. In the initial days, people started binge-watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix, but also had a desire to learn new skills as well. Suddenly, all the major online learning platforms made the decision to provide free education & certifications, so that people can stay safely at home while continuing to scale their skills in order to prepare themselves for the next technological breakthrough! 

Today, it has been more than a month that after this announcement, students, professionals, and retired people as well took various courses and got certificates. Everyone has their own personal goals. Generally, companies start recruiting graduates after the summers and so students have also decorated their resumes with certifications, acquired the skills and are getting ready for the interviews post-COVID-19. Working professionals who wanted to upgrade their skill sets in order to get a promotion are learning new skills and some are applying for a better position at other organizations too! Let’s take a look at some of the offerings by some of the top online learning platforms.

This is an amazing nonprofit community that helps you learn to code by building projects. Some of our favorite free courses available –


More than 100+ courses in various fields like Marketing, Programming, Designing, Accounting, etc. have been declared as free of cost along with the certification of completion. Coupon codes like “STAY HOME”, “COVID2020”, “SPRING-2020” and “PYTHON2020” are used to avail the offers. The complete list and link to those courses are available at: –


In Udemy, the courses are provided and designed by professionals who themselves design the course structure and provide resources. But Coursera provides certifications by elite colleges and universities like MIT, Harvard, Oxford or organizations like IBM. To get a list for all those free courses hit the links below, A Total of 85 Courses are Free:

Coursera Free Courses Blog

 If you don’t find your favorite course in the above list then you can surely go with the option of applying for financial aid. It will get approved within 15 days and voila! You can get the certificate too!

Oracle Free education and Certification

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certifications carry great value and can increase your salary exponentially. Normally these costs around $230 – $250. The offer is valid until 15th May. The list of the certifications are as follows: –

For complete details go to either of these links 


IBM has removed the price tag on the majority of its online courses like IBM Cloud, IBM Finance and Operations, IBM systems, etc. Usually, these courses will cost you around $100 – $200. The complete list of these free courses along with their coupon codes and procedure to register are available at IBMs Learning Site

IBM Free Training


Microsoft Azure certification will cost you around $100 but during this lockdown, you can earn it free of cost. The offer is valid until 20th April.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training – Free  


If you want to enter the field of data science and analytics, the tableau is considered to be a fundamental step. Subscription costs around $15 per month which is free nowadays, Just sign up and you will get 3-month free access. For details, hit the link below: –

Tableau eLearning

Red Hat

If you have a knack for developing native applications, learning technical overview, specializing Linux, then Redhat provides some of the best courses which are also free nowadays. They can be accessed at the link below:

Red Hat Free Courses


Courses like Google Cloud Training, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics that generally cost $49 per month are free for this month.

Google In the Cloud


#FREEAPRIL – Are you confused between so many technologies in the market? Want to know which course is the best for you? PluralSight is offering multiple free courses for technology skills development as well as management. It has also ranked almost 850+ technologies based on industry popularity.

PluralSight #FREEAPRIL


Udacity is the world’s fastest, most efficient way to master the skills tech companies want. 100% online, part-time & self-paced.

Udacity Learn for Free for 30 days

A Cloud Guru – Free Month Trial – A cloud guru offers a variety of certification courses for $49/month. You can claim your first month free!


If you want to enter the field of database management system and learn SQL then this website is providing 100+ hours of video content which generally costs around $39/month. The offer is valid until 20th April.

Learn SQL for Free

All the above courses are just one click away from you. It’s the time that we leave behind procrastination and enroll for these courses and stay at home. The whole world is fighting with this pandemic and it’s our duty to follow social distancing which is the need of the hour. We must understand the importance of the decision taken by the above online learning platforms who are giving away their courses worth hundreds of dollars free so that we stay at home and the virus doesn’t grow. Let’s come together and fight this war.

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