Exam Tips for PSPO I Certification

The PSPO-I certification exam is a great way of validating the Scrum and Product Ownership knowledge. To pass the PSPO I, you have to get an 85% score or higher on an 80 question time test in 60 minutes. This means you need to know the Scrum framework very well and have experience as a product owner and/or understanding of how to be effective in this role. First of all, everyone must understand the official Scrum guide.

To help other professionals who are passionate about Agile and Scrum and want to pass their PSPO-I certification successfully, I have prepared some essential recommendations below. Not all of them are necessary and you can pick and chose as you feel comfortable. So, here are the tips that helped me successfully pass the exam:

1. Study all the materials proposed in the PSPO Learning Path; It’s complete, meaningful, and useful. Understanding the PSPO Competencies is important. Take the Scrum open and product owner open practice tests multiple times before taking the PSPO test itself. 

2. Read the book “The professional Product Owner” by Don McGreal and Ralph JOCHAM carefully. It will help you to better understand the Scrum guide and each of the roles’ responsibilities, especially the role of Product Owner.

The professional Product Owner
The professional Product Owner

3. Study and understand EBM (Evidence-Based Management). There are some questions related to product value and how to order the Product Backlog Items.

4. Take the Open Assessments for PSM and PSPO. Most questions in the real exam are harder than in the Open Assessment. So, don’t underestimate it.

5. Additionally, I bought this course on Udemy.com to practice my knowledge. I passed all the tests and later I revisited all my incorrect questions 2 or 3 times.

PSPO Udemy Course
Udemy Course

6. I passed 2 times this test on Mikhail Lapshin blog. Also, I would recommend reading the discussions on these questions.

7. Another resource is flash cards for questions. Easy way to brush up your knowledge.

8. Also, I think these book “PSM and PSPO exam question bank” is excellent, because I saw many similar questions with the real assessment.

PSM and PSPO exam question bank
PSM and PSPO exam question bank

If you follow as a minimum all these recommendations, I think you’ll have an outstanding chance to pass the examination with a very good score. Good luck!

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AUTHOR: These recommendations come from Mariana Coscodan who is certified Scrum Master (PSM I) and Product Owner (PSPO I). You can connect with her on LinkedIn

Have questions? Participate in discussions on our Forums. Click here.

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