Preparing for the DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam? This comprehensive guide will be an important resource in your DP-900 exam preparation. Let’s get started!

The budding entrepreneurs and the latest enterprises are not deprived of the efficacy of cloud computing. There is a huge demand for it, as recorded in recent times. With the demands increasing in high numbers, Microsoft Azure has brought up several certifications to give recognition to the individual skills and knowledge of cloud computing.

Amongst all the examinations, Microsoft Azure DP-900 is considerably the most preferred certification of all time. It is a fundamental level certification exam that covers the core and Microsoft Azure data services.

Therefore, to master this certification, people are keen to get the best DP-900 exam preparation courses on priority. If you are one amongst them, then your wait for a reliable guide is over. It is because this article is all about preparing you and producing a Microsoft Azure DP-900 study guide with all the clear insights. These discussions and elaborated information can act as your reliable guide for qualifying the examination.

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Know the Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure DP-900

The first and the most important thing that the Microsoft Azure DP-900 aspirants need to keep in mind is their knowledge about the exam. If they are unaware of what this certification exam is, then they would eventually fail to commence with the DP-900 exam preparation.

The people who have foresighted their future with data and Azure Cloud will find this certification worthy.

Moreover, this certification exam will put your fundamental and core knowledge of data concepts in test along with its implementation strategies with Microsoft Azure services.

Before commencing with the preparatory measures for Microsoft Azure DP-900 certification, candidates must get a brief idea of the data workloads, transactional workloads, analytical workloads, and database concepts. Along with that, basic knowledge of the collaboration of IT services with cloud platforms is also appreciated.

It is even better if you have experience of around six months with Microsoft Azure cloud under any stream. If you have it, then DP-900 exam preparation would be even easier for you.

Moreover, DP-900 can also help you prepare for other Microsoft Azure certifications such as Data Engineer Associate and Database Administrative Associate certifications.

But, there is no mandate for you to clear the DP-900 certification for attempting the two above-mentioned Azure certifications. 

An important criterion is that if you want to get a job with Azure Data Engineer’s designation, you will require to clear the DP-200 and DP-201 certification exams along with DP-900.

Therefore, every certification exam listed under the Microsoft Azure tag is quite fruitful.

The Azure DP-900 exam is available in 7 different languages – English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish. You will have to pay $99 as the registration fee for the DP-900 exam, and you will be good to go.

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Microsoft Azure DP-900 Exam Insights

If you have decided upon stepping into the world of Databases, then this preparation guide for the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 exam will pave your path to achieve the goal. There are different types of questions present within the exam paper that includes multiple-choice, true or false questions, drag/drop questions, and fill the blanks questions.

The examination results have scaled from 100-1000. The passing score for the examination is stated at 700. The examination as a whole consists of 53 questions, and you are allotted 60 minutes to complete them all. It is an overall test of your knowledge, preparation, and punctuality. The number of questions may vary.

Understanding the DP-900 Domains and Exam Objectives

In this comprehensive DP-900 exam preparation guide, you will find every bit of detail that an aspirant must keep in mind at all times. The below-listed topics are the exam domains that form the main conceptual syllabus of the all-around preparation for the DP-900 exam.  

Describing the Core Data Concepts (15% to 20%) – Check out the Free MS-Docs resources

  1. Module 1: Explore core data concepts
  2. Module 2: Explore roles and responsibilities in the world of data
  3. Module 3: Describe concepts of relational data
  4. Module 4: Explore concepts of non-relational data
  5. Module 5: Explore concepts of data analytics

Describing the Working Approaches with Relational Data of Azure (25% to 30%) – Check out the Free MS-Docs resources

  1. Module 1: Explore relational data offerings in Azure
  2. Module 2: Explore provisioning and deploying relational database offerings in Azure
  3. Module 3: Query relational data in Azure

Describing the Working Approaches with Non-Relational Data on Azure (25% to 30%) – Check out the Free MS-Docs resources

  1. Module 1: Explore non-relational data offerings in Azure
  2. Module 2: Explore provisioning and deploying non-relational data services in Azure
  3. Module 3: Manage non-relational data stores in Azure

Description of an Azure Analytics Workload (25% to 30%) – Check out the Free MS-Docs resources

  1. Module 1: Examine components of a modern data warehouse
  2. Module 2: Explore data ingestion in Azure
  3. Module 3: Explore data storage and processing in Azure
  4. Module 4: Get started building with Power BI

These are the domains that you need to cover while you prepare for your Microsoft Azure DP-900 examination. Moreover, this preparation guide for the DP-900 exam will help you idealize the important pointers that will assist you in clearing the examination with a good score out of 1000.

DP-900 Exam Preparation Guide
DP-900 Exam Preparation Guide

What are the Important Topics for the DP-900 Exam Preparation?

Let’s check out the important topics that you need to consider as a DP-900 aspirant, to get a good score in the certification exam, You can consider this list of DP-900 exam topics as expert advice for your exam preparation and focus more on these topics.

  • Core data workloads
  • Data Analytics core concepts
  • Relational data workloads
  • Relational Azure Data services
  • Management tasks for relational data
  • Query techniques for data with SQL language
  • Non-relational Data workloads
  • Azure Non-Relational data offerings 
  • Management tasks for Non-relational data
  • Analytics Workloads
  • Components of Modern Data Warehouse
  • Data Ingestion & Processing on Azure
  • Data Visualization under Power BI by Microsoft.

So, these are some of the important topics that are destined for the aspirants to cover in order to answer questions from all the domains.

Important Points to Remember While Preparing for DP-900 Exam

It is the most important section within this Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam guide. With the right knowledge of the key pointers, you will be able to gain confidence in your preparation for clearing the examination and obtaining the certification for the same.

If you have already mastered the basic fundamentals of Microsoft Azure cloud, then you are ready to implement the examination pointers stated within this section of the DP-900 exam guide:

1. State your Career Objectives Clearly

You need to keep in mind that without clear objectives, it will be difficult for you to pursue the right certification under Microsoft Azure. Therefore, if you are presently occupied with DP-900 exam preparation, then you must already have your goals and objectives clearly stated within your mind. If not, then you should get an idea of your Microsoft Azure career plans to streamline your path of preparation.

2. Give Time for Understanding the Domains & Subtopics

The basic of DP-900 exam preparation is to master the domains and their subtopics. It is because all the questions that you would face in the examination will be from the domains and subtopics. Therefore, it is quite crucial for you to make your DP-900 exam preparation schedule accordingly based on your knowledge and skills. In this way, you will be putting in your preparation efforts only on the concepts and domains that are specified for DP-900 certification on the official DP-900 exam page.

3. Understand the Weightage of Each Domain

The next thing that you must do is to measure the weightage of each domain. You need to know the maximum question expectancy aspect of the domains based upon which you will prioritize your DP-900 exam preparation ideology. The percentage of their question expectancy is stated above in this article, which also explains their weightage. As per your preparation strategy, you can go ahead and make your plans for the high-weightage domain first. But, remember that all the domains are equally important to help you score better.

4. Pick the Learning Resources by Microsoft

If you were searching for a DP-900 exam guide and learning resources, then both your requirements are fulfilled in just one article. While you are presently going through a guide to help you prepare, you can also move on to find learning resources from Microsoft itself for the DP-900 exam preparation. 

There are several free learning paths available with Microsoft to prepare you with the core fundamentals of the DP-900 certification exam. One doesn’t need to study in any of the extensive environments, as Microsoft has made it easy for people to acquire fundamental concepts.

5. Take the Online Training Courses

Training courses are way helpful irrespective of how many books or modules you have already covered. Online training can help you overcome your shortcomings on the topic and master the fundamentals without any doubts. Several DP-900 exam preparation courses are available online where the subject matter experts or professionals will convey the fundamentals and core concepts of Azure Cloud. The online training courses are flexible in terms of time to help you learn in your preferable and convenient schedule.

6. Get your Hands-on Experience 

If you have experience of around 5-6 months with Azure cloud, then you might not need to follow this preparatory advice. But, if you are completely relying upon the Azure cloud’s theoretical idea, you are probably approaching in the wrong direction.

For clearing the DP-900 certification exam, it is important for you to showcase your hands-on experience mandatorily. Not just for DP-900 but for all other Azure certification exams. There are several free and paid labs available for you to gain practical experience of the concepts required for the DP-900 exam preparation.

7. Practice Tests can be Helpful

Appearing the practice test papers is probably the best way to test your skills and judge your DP-900 exam preparation journey. You will be able to assess your own preparation level and can remark yourself to find out the weak zones and work on them. Moreover, you will be able to strengthen your conceptual knowledge when you make mistakes in the practice test. Hence, your abilities will enhance, and you would probably score better in the actual examination.

These are a few of the key pointers that you must remember at all costs when you are preparing for the DP-900 examination or following any Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam guide. It will help you score better and reach a better position in your Azure career.


This was the detailed and structured DP-900 study guide that you can keep in mind for your further preparation on Azure certification.

DP-900 holds the fundamental concept of ideas, which is the base of your Azure journey. There is a lot that you can learn, and there is a lot that you can implement in your career or lifetime. Cloud computing will completely take over IT services in the near future, and most businesses will rely on it entirely.

Therefore, picking the career opportunities within the cloud computing arena is a fruitful decision for the aspirants. Being an Azure engineer has a lot of perks, but the journey seems a little tiring. You need to keep yourself prepared and updated at all times. Whether it is DP-900, DP-200, or DP-201, each Azure certification has its own significance, and you need to prepare accordingly to master each of its fundamentals.

So, follow this guide, if you are preparing for Microsoft Azure DP-900 certification, and take a progressive step towards clearing it in the first attempt and with high scores.

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