Aspiring to take Microsoft Azure AI-900 certification? This comprehensive guide will provide you with the details required to start your AI-900 exam preparation.

The Microsoft Azure AI-900 certification is an opportunity for people to learn the implementation of AI and ML workloads on Azure. This cert is destined primarily for technical backgrounds. You need to know a basic programming language that would help you prepare well for the examination. However, you do not need to possess software engineering and data science experience. But,

The Azure AI fundamentals or AI-900 exam can be considered as the foundation for all other Azure-based certifications such as AI engineers or Data scientist associates. However, It is not mandated for you to take up this certification exam for getting into these Azure-based roles. But, it will definitely be boosting your potential for getting into other Azure-based roles.

In this article, you will get a brief explanation of how to prepare for Azure AI-900 Certification Exam. The clear insights and factual exam pattern discussions within this preparation guide for the AI-900 exam would help streamline your efforts to prepare for this certification.

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Know the Core Aspects of Microsoft Azure AI-900

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 exam content covers the introduction of the detailed concepts and fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. Along with that, it also puts light into the service aspects that are embedded within Microsoft Azure for building AI solutions.

Before you start your AI-900 exam preparation, you need to understand that this certification is not meant for developing your skills towards becoming software developers or data scientists but explains the impact of AI workloads.

Anyone who is interested in learning the potential of AI and the availability of services and resources within Microsoft Azure for creating such AI applications can go for this certification exam. There are certain concepts within this certification that will demand a basic mathematical understanding and the course also has some hands-on exercises that require running of codes and using data.

As stated above, fundamental programming principles, mathematical basics, and basic computer technology knowledge will be helpful for the candidates to prepare well for the exam.

Domains of Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certification

Here are the domains under Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certification

  • Artificial Intelligence Workloads and Considerations (15%-20%)
  • Fundamental Principles of Machine Learning on Azure (30-35%)
  • Features of Computer Vision Workloads on Azure (15%-20%)
  • Features of Natural Language Processing workloads on Azure (15%-20%)
  • Features of Conversational AI workloads on Azure (15%-20%)
AI-900 Certification Tips
AI-900 Certification Tips

AI-900 Certification Exam Information

If you want to pursue the AI-900 certification, then you might have to include an understanding of the exam pattern to ensure complete AI-900 exam preparation.

  • The exam will be upon multiple-choice questions, under which the types will include drag & drop, true/false questions, and basic MCQs.
  • The resulting scale is decided between 100-1000, and the passing score is decided minimum of 700.
  • On average you can expect a total of 50 questions.
  • The time limit is one hour within which you need to complete all the questions. 
  • The pricing for registering for the AI-900 certification exam is $99.

There are various scheduling options for you to pick under this certification exam. You can pick one and create your account to schedule the examination time and date.

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Important Topics for the AI-900 Exam Preparation

Here are some of the important topics that you need to consider for healthy preparation for the AI-900 certification:

  • Features in common AI workloads
  • Guiding principles for responsible AI
  • Common machine learning variants
  • Core machine learning concepts
  • Capabilities of no-code machine learning with AML
  • Common types of computer vision solutions
  • Identification of Azure tools
  • Identification of Computer vision tasks.

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Practice Tests

Concepts You should Cover for  AI-900 Exam Preparation

It is always recommended that you have some hands-on experience in at least one high-level programming language but it is not a must for the certification. There are certain concepts that you need to cover while you are preparing for the AI-900 certification exam. These topics will help you understand the concepts in detail and master the fundamentals of the AI concept.

Introduction to the Concept of AI

You need to learn about the common AI implementations and the workloads associated with them. Along with that, the principles and considerations that are responsible for the development of AI applications will be learned under this topic. This will help you prepare and gain knowledge on AI workloads and considerations for appearing in the AI-900 certification exam.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is quite important when you intend to master AI solutions. You will get to learn about some of the most important machine learning concepts within this module. Along with that, you will also master the implementation ways of the Azure Machine Learning service for creating and publishing the relevant models. With it, you will be ready to describe the fundamental principles of Azure machine learning.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing is destined to describe different scenarios where AI solutions can be implemented for spoken and written language. Under this topic, you will get to know the Azure services that are meant to build AI solutions and can recognize and synthesize speech, analyze text, interpret commands and translate between the languages. By mastering this module, you will probably be able to describe all the features of NLP workloads within Azure.

What is Computer Vision?

It is yet another important concept within the AI-900 exam preparation guide. Under the computer vision topic, you get to know the AI implementation for developing a visual understanding of the world. Here, the candidate will get insight into the AI implementation on images, cameras, and video files. Under this topic, you will also get to know about the important computer vision techniques and the essential services embedded with them. Hence, this module will help you master the features of computer vision workloads on Microsoft Azure.

What is Conversational AI?

By mastering this topic, you would understand the use of conversational AI enabling the users to interact with the AI agent. There are certain communication channels where conversational AI is usually implemented, such as social media, website interfaces, emails, and others. Under this module, you will get to know the working principle of AI bots and also get practical knowledge of building one. Hence, with this topic, you will gain knowledge of the features of conversational AI workloads on Azure.

These are the few important concepts that AI-900 aspirants need to consider for getting good scores in the exam.

Points to Remember While Preparing for AI-900 Exam

Under this AI-900 study guide, it is the most crucial section that you should not skip at any cost. In this section, you will get to know some of the important points that you should remember while preparing for the certification exam.

  • Make Yourself Time-Efficient

You need to put up immense practice and effort for managing your time well. There are only 60 minutes for you to complete the questions which are more than enough. You just need to get acquainted with the pattern and important topics to speed up. Prefer not to get stuck anywhere unnecessarily. If you need more time for a question, then leave it and move to next for the time being. Come back later to the question to find the answer.

  • Don’t Panic and Rush for Preparation

AI-900 is a fundamental certification exam, and you will need one week of utmost preparation for clearing the exam. So, there is no need to rush or panic about this certification exam. With ideal determination and prerequisites, you will be able to take on this exam in just a week. While you are preparing for the exam, you need to keep a couple of days reserved for solving the practice questions.

  • Take on the Microsoft Learn Platform

Microsoft has designed its own platform named ‘Microsoft Learn’. Here, you will get the online materials and instructor-led training to prepare for the AI-900 examination. It is a self-paced learning platform where you can get the knowledge and prepare based upon your own learning pace and potential. There are definite modules to help you prepare for all domains. The students or AI-900 certification aspirants are destined to leverage upon the Learn modules and use them as references to enhance learning potential.

  • Know the Important Definitions

Before you can take on the AI-900 examination, you need to keep in mind some of the important definitions such as Mean Absolute Error, Relative Squared Error, R2, and others. Along with that, you also need to understand the difference between grouping, identification, and similarity while running different models. Apart from these essential definitions and differences, you need to put effort into knowing anomaly detection and its specific use cases. Get insight into the differences between classification, clustering, and regression, as it is very important for the AI-900 examination. There is a possibility of getting several questions from this arena.

  • Understand Basic Principles

There are basic principles of preparing for the AI-900 exam. You must gain insight into the difference between custom vision and computer vision to ensure accurate answers in the exam. Along with that, you need to put effort into mastering the Responsible AI section and its principles. The certification exam will consist of questions that will be asked for the specific principle that applies to the given scenario.

  • Solve Practice Questions

Make sure you find the best practice questions to solve. It is the ultimate preparation solution for the AI-900 certification exam. You will know the complexity of the exam only if you solve the previous questions or practice questions. Therefore, make sure you spare some time to solve the practice questions before taking the exam.

These are the important things for you to remember before you can start your AI-900 exam preparation. Knowing the power of AI will help you pursue a better career position in this fast-growing world.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AI-900 Exam Preparation Expert Tips

Here are some of the expert tips for you to boost your motivation towards clearing the AI-900 certification exam with good scores. It includes:

  • Measure the weightage of the domains. For better clarity, the percentage of weightage is mentioned above to help you prepare accordingly. Put stress on topics that have the possibility of more questions.
  • Give more emphasis on the detailed modules on Microsoft Learn. They have online materials to help you explore the topic to the fullest.
  • Find relevant books to study, whether online or offline. It will help expand your existing knowledge about the topics, and you would eventually thrive on scoring well in the certification exam.
  • Suppose you want to pursue some higher certifications within Azure; in that case, this certification can be the essential AI-900 study guide to help grow your knowledge and prepare you for the other associated AI certifications. Even though it is not mandatory, considering it would be helpful for better knowledge.
  • You can also prefer taking up separate online courses to get your doubts cleared and get the concepts refined for mastering the fundamentals of AI within Microsoft Azure.

Final Words

Hence, these are the steps and measures that you need to take while you are preparing for the AI-900 certification. The aspirants need to possess the AI & ML conceptual knowledge for answering most of the questions within this certification exam. Performance-based questions are also expected within the certification exam, for which practical knowledge is also recommended to the students. 

So, you can get hands-on with the Azure platform to gain some real-time experience. Whatever resources you follow for the exam preparation, for Azure certifications it is recommended to start your preparation with the official page. So, visit the AI-900 official exam page now and get ready to start your AI-900 exam preparation.

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