Surveys for Salesforce can be a game changer if your organization is looking to automate feedback management while still providing the personal touch for customers. Integrating your surveys with Salesforce means responses sync with 360-degree data on every single customer in your CRM. Salesforce’s intuitive dashboards and analytics also give you powerful insights into customer preferences and behavior. The good news is that Salesforce has a basic surveys feature which comes for free with your Org and includes up to 300 responses. While this feature is useful and easy to set up, if you are a larger enterprise, or just want to send surveys at scale, this isn’t going to be enough. This is where the Salesforce Feedback Management product comes in. It can be purchased to extend your basic Salesforce Survey and take it to the next level for comprehensive feedback on every single customer. 

In this article, we check out the benefits of using surveys for Salesforce, the perks of investing in the Salesforce Feedback Management product, as well as top alternatives. 

Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Surveys for feedback management increases engagement with your product or service while minimizing the manual labor involved for your staff and Human Resources team. For one, you can choose to schedule and automate the entire process before collecting responses in the #1 CRM where you can get deeper insights on each and every customer or lead. We would, however, strongly advise against settling for the standard (free) survey feature in Salesforce because it comes with the following serious limitations:

  • As mentioned in the introduction, you are limited to 300 responses. 
  • You can only send surveys to these record types: contact, user, person account, and leads. If you want to send a survey to another record type, such as an Opportunity, then you will need to purchase additional survey products such as Salesforce Feedback Management.
  • The same goes of course for survey invitations. Given the above limitations, you will only be able to send to a limited number of record types. This can be problematic if the record type you want to work with is not compatible with the basic Salesforce Survey functionality. 
  • There is no automation to link survey responses to any of the record types compatible with the basic Salesforce Survey feature. This means you will have to invest in development via Apex or invest in pricey add-ons to automatically relate responses to the relevant record type. And without this kind of automation, you will waste a lot of time! 

Salesforce as your Customer Feedback Platform via Feedback Management

  • Of course, there is a lot more to Salesforce Surveys than the basic surveys functionality, and their Salesforce Feedback Management, which can be purchased as an add-on product, comes with way more features and flexibility. Salesforce Feedback Management is split into three separate packages:
  • The Survey response pack starting at 300 USD, this gives you 1000 responses 
  • Feedback Management Starter starting at 12,000 USD per month
  • Feedback Management- Growth starting at 42,000 USD per month

Most businesses who want to use surveys regularly will have to either go for the Starter package or the Growth package, both of which come with a pretty heavy price tag. You do also have limits lifted off survey responses (the Starter comes with 100,000 responses while the Growth package is unlimited).

In addition you can work with merge fields, use Customer Lifecycle Maps and Analytics, and work with a greater variety of objects. While Feedback Management by Salesforce offers many perks it also has limitations and aside from the cost, you will need to invest in custom development if you wish to achieve certain niche use cases. So before investing in any of these packages, we suggest checking your budget and project requirements. 

Salesforce Survey Tool Alternatives

So what are your options if you want to send out surveys synced with Salesforce but want to dodge the expense and limitations associated with native Salesforce solutions? Well, your first port of call should definitely be the Salesforce AppExchange where there are thousands of applications that connect with your CRM and help enhance the Salesforce experience.

Many of these are more nimble and come at a better price than native Salesforce solutions. Deciding which product to choose from, however, can be a tricky business! And while there are a few solid survey apps, in this article we zone in on Titan Surveys as a leading alternative to Salesforce native survey solutions. So what are some of the biggest wins when you try out Titan? 

  • Create customized surveys for Salesforce using no-code 
  • Work with any object in Salesforce without having to upgrade 
  • No limits on survey responses 
  • Distribute surveys flexibly and conveniently via text, email, web, whatsapp, and much more!
  • Pull real-time data from Salesforce into your survey to tailor the user experience
  • Craft individualized user experiences for survey takers using conditional logic
  • Work with a range of interactive and bespoke elements such as picklists, rankings, date and time fields, free text responses, and more
  • Use any question type you can dream of
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, SOC2, ISO, GDPR, and all leading compliance frameworks
  • Pre-fill data using Salesforce data to make the lives of respondents easier

The best part about Titan Surveys is that you can do all of the above while speeding up time to market, slashing development costs, and opting for a more cost-effective license. You get freedom without compromise when you choose Titan for Salesforce.

Salesforce Surveys Wrapped

Thanks for reading and we hope you learned more about how surveys integrated with Salesforce can help you take your feedback to the next level and implement an effective customer feedback system. Salesforce Surveys help you to gain deeper insight into customers and analyze feedback using rich analytics and dashboards. While Salesforce does come with its own free surveys feature, this is limited and will constrain larger enterprises and smaller businesses alike.

To overcome these limitations, Salesforce has created its Feedback add-on, which gives you greater control over your surveys. Even so, Salesforce’s Feedback Management does come with a pretty significant price tag and it still does have some constraints. It is for this reason that we recommend shopping around for a no-code survey tool on the AppExchange to help you collect customer feedback without hassle or overwhelming expense.

We looked at Titan Surveys as one such tool to help you get there but it’s up to you to do the relevant research and find out the best product for your business needs!

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