Dear Fellow Learners:

I am here to share my experience and preparation tips for the AWS Certified Developer exam.

Initially, when I started preparing for the course I was a bit scared just because there are multiple services to learn and understand how they are implemented. Also, I have less prior experience with AWS services. Eventually, I felt better as we have got amazing resources at our disposal. Important thing to do is focus and spend time on it.

AWS Certified Developer Exam Course Material

1. I purchased Udemy course by Stephane Maarek – 29 hours of video lectures, and followed his notes.
2. Linux Academy described the AWS white papers with quick short lectures.
3. It is highly recommended to go through the AWS FAQs, at least for the important services, this helps us to know our understanding level of the concepts.

ExampleS3 FAQs

4. I also attended a few AWS online summits to have a wider understanding of AWS services. It’s always good to check them out more in real-time and some of those were very interesting. We can go and register them online easily.

5. Jon Bonso cheat sheets were also helpful in the final phase.

Note: Do not go through all the services at a time, after every 4-5 services take a break and understand the concepts thoroughly and know how they are related to each other, making sure we are having a good understanding of the services.

AWS Certified Developer Practice exams

  1. Stephane Maarek practice exams – 6 Total
  2. Jon Bonso practice exams – 4 Total
  3. Neal Davis (Digital Cloud Training) practice exams – 6 Total
  4. Whiz labs practice exams – 6 Total

The total number of practice exams taken doesn’t matter but reviewing them properly is important. Jon Bonso and Neal Davis have given a very detailed explanation, please try to go through that as it helps us to know how to break the questions, understand and relate them to the services. I almost spent 2 hours reviewing the answers for every exam.

Note: It is very important to review your exam thoroughly not only the wrong ones but the right ones also as this helps in the regular revision of concepts and making sure we are in the correct path.

Remember for AWS certifications, when preparing for any exam it is important to understand the concepts and how they can be used in real-times rather than memorizing the concepts.

One of the challenges usually we face even during practice exams is, all the options might serve the purpose (or might sound as the right answer) but in the question, they will be very specific to one functionality or service. So try to identify the keywords and the specific outcome or task they are looking for so that we can easily eliminate few options. And this can be mastered during practice exams.

AWS Certified Developer Exam Tips:


1. Go by eliminating the wrong answers, highly recommended.
2. Identify the keywords.
3. If you are not confident, please mark them you can come back and review any time.
4. Stay focused.


1. Don’t be worried if you are seeing tough questions.
2. Don’t be in a rush or hurry to finish the exam.

That’s all folks. If we are focused and spend some quality time on this we can clear the exam easily.

All the best to all who are taking the exams.

Author: Sravani Kothuru is a Cloud Engineer  and certified AWS Developer. You can connect with her on LinekdIn


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