Current trends are accelerating the need to enhance skills.

Remote working gained currency before the crisis, but the pandemic has convinced that telecommuting is here to stay.

Although many employees learned by doing during the first phase of the crisis or received quick training, continued remote working will keep posing an upskilling challenge. For example, salesforces will have to shift from setting up video meetings to managing customer relationships effectively in remote settings.

Companies value certifications because they validate the holder’s hands-on expertise and knowledge.

Getting a professional certification can give you an advantage over a candidate with similar education and experience but no relevant accreditation.

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If we look at the bigger picture, there’s an ongoing need for fresh graduates and employees to add key skills and technical knowledge to their repertoire consistently.

Companies across a range of sectors are facing losses, with millions of workers at risk of losing their jobs. At the same time, companies have been forced to move their operations to the digital domain almost overnight, often resulting in a massive skill gap.

And you can use this to your advantage whether you are a student, fresh graduate, or a working professional.

Up-skilling through professional certifications has never been in higher demand. It’s vital as lifetime learners sharpen our skills to stay competitive in today’s dynamic work environment.

Employee training programs, professional certifications, hands-on experience are no longer a nice perk – they are a must to stay competitive in today’s job market.

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As more and more people are looking to upskill, there’s huge chaos over the internet from where to get reliable resources when preparing for certification.

As these certifications require dedicated effort, everyone wants to invest their time and hard-earned money in a reliable source.

One such most in-demand resource is Practice exams!

How do Certification Practice Exams help?

Some certification exams, especially those for professional- and expert-level credentials, can be challenging. They require serious preparation. 

  • Practice exams tell applicants which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to concentrate future learning on weak areas.
  • It tells candidates which topics they have already mastered. They can then direct their learning to weak areas.
  • Since practice tests stimulate revision and studying, they encourage earlier learning and space out learning, which is likely to improve retention.
  • Some candidates’ fear or anxiety around the exam process can impact the accuracy and fairness of exams. Practice exams can reduce test anxiety.
  • It will improve your time management skills. 
  • The sample exam questions are just like actual certification exams.
  • Taking a mock exam doesn’t just measure how much you know. It helps strengthen the learning and makes it more likely that you can retrieve the same information later. 
  • If you study in an ecosystem similar to the one you’ll be testing in, you will be more likely to recall all that hard-earned knowledge.
  • Surprisingly, taking a test can be more beneficial to learning than spending the same time studying. 

Treat your practice exams just like you would treat the actual exam. Don’t put much pressure on yourself; make sure you are well-rested. This will train you ahead of time to be ready for the exam, and it will make your study time more effective.

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For a better perspective, let’s look at an example :

Suppose one decides to get PMP(Project Management Professional) Certified.

What is PMP?  Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a criterion for evaluating the skills of management professionals in directing projects. It demonstrates the competency of the practitioner in terms of experience and education. This industry-recognized credential is a designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

The PMP Certification cost is:

  • $405.0 (Member) 
  • $555.0 (Non-member)

And it is no less!

After getting PMP certified, the average salary range is $80,000 – $110,000 Per Year.

Sounds good, no? It’s easier said than done!

A PMP certification is not easy and involves many other costs, along with just the exam cost. All the processes to become PMP certified involve various costs. They vary from region to region and also from person to person. In brief, the certification consists of an application fee and an exam fee plus additional costs to prepare for the exam.

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The process is similar with most of the other professional certifications like AWS, Azure, Agile, GCP, Oracle, etc.

For the best chance of passing the exam, do as many practice assessments as possible before appearing for the exam.

You can also get Free Practice exams. Free practice exams would help you decide the need for a certification practice exam.

Though practice exam doesn’t cost much, free practice exams also help those who are struggling with finances or for those who just want to try it out and a taste of an actual exam

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One can use Free Practice exams for additional practice. To get the full advantage of Practice exams it is recommended to buy the latest ones as the certification exams keep on updating.

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At the end of the practice test, you can check and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses by going through the detailed explanations for each practice exam question.

It is highly recommended to read the explanations given after every practice test, not just for the correct answers but also for the wrong ones. 

This will help improve your knowledge and increase your score dramatically. 

By paying attention to these and repeating all the tests until you get more than 90% on each one, you should be able to ace the real exam with confidence.

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And with all the cost, time, and energy involved in preparing for a certification, you don’t want to fail. Practice exams come to your aid, considering the benefits mentioned above and make sure that you clear the exam.


Regardless of how you prepare for the big exam, a practice run or two can help you in more ways than you might expect. In addition to getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast before the actual test, taking a practice test is a great way to diversify your learning strategy and ensure the best possible results for the real thing.