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Update 8/11/2020: The codes mentioned in the post are no longer valid. We are keeping an open eye for new codes.

Free Badges From Tableau

Tableau is offering free e-learning courses, and at the same time, you can verify your skills with an assessment skill test. You can go directly to the assessment test if you think you are familiar with the Topics and earn a Role Badge from Tableau after clearing the assessment Test.

The best part is that there is no Time limit to the Test, and it can be attempted multiple times until you receive the passing marks, which is 80%. In Case your attempt is not successful, they provide you the Total Points you earned and Topics, which you should be working on or needs attention, based on the Assessment. The Answers to the Questions will not be provided.

I would highly recommend utilizing this opportunity as the course gives you a great insight into all the Topics necessary to be able to work in that particular Role. They also have hands-on activities and knowledge checks as part of their course, which will definitely help you to assess what you have learned.

All you have to do is create an account if you didn’t have one.

You can learn by Roles

Tableau Learning by Roles
Tableau Learning by Roles

You can also learn by Courses

Tableau Offerings by Courses
Tableau Offerings by Courses

Follow these Steps to learn courses and to receive digital Badges, the same steps are mentioned there in Tableau Site.

To get 90 days free, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://elearning.tableau.com
  2. Create (or login to) your TableauID account
  3. Enter access code 2020elearning, read and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions, and click Continue
  4. Start learning!

It is as simple as this.

So why wait? ReviewNPrep has the motto that all great things come for free and Tableau just delivered on this. So make the most of it in this time of Pandemic lockdown.

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AUTHOR: Harish Soni is a Data Analyst at reviewNprep and has a Tableau Analyst Badge and Tableau Certified Desktop Specialist. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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