There is never a single unified approach to workflows. Instead, different types of marketing workflows fulfill different team activities and aim to solve many problems. Depending on where your business is most focused, you must choose which workflow type you need to prioritize for implementation. 

Even though most workflows share the same primary stages such as planning, creating, editing, and reviewing, each of them has its own unique steps. Creating and using an efficient marketing workflow helps marketers improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into learning more about how marketers can save lots of time by using efficient marketing workflows. 

Clearly defining goals and objectives 


Marketers who can clearly define the company’s goals not only save time but significantly contribute to an efficient marketing workflow. The most effective way to do this is by using the SMART approach to set your goals: 

  • Specific: What needs to be accomplished? Who is responsible for it? What steps need to be taken to achieve your goals? 
  • Measurable: Quantify your goals that make everything easier to track. For example, increasing your monthly sign-ups by 1,000 is a measurable goal. 
  • Achievable: Your goals should always be achievable. Always ask yourself and your team if your objective is something that can be accomplished. 
  • Relevant: Why are you setting these goals? How will they impact the business? 
  • Time-bound: You and your team need to be on the same page about the timeline you need to reach a goal. When should the goal be finished? SMART goals should always have a relevant time frame on when they should be accomplished. 

The whole idea of the SMART approach is to make sure that your marketing goals are clearly defined and aligned with business objectives. 

Using AI text-to-video converters 

AI text to video generators are responsible for converting texts into videos. They can do this in only a few minutes compared to what it would take a human being an entire day to do. AI video generators don’t require you to have any video editing skills and can translate text into many different languages.

Depending on which text to video AI converter you use, many offer built-in video templates for all types of videos you create. The integration of AI in videos is taking digital content creation to a whole new level and is significantly helping marketers reach their audience in a shorter amount of time without needing any advanced video editing skills. 

This rapid production pace is beneficial for businesses and content creators who are trying to keep up with a competitive market. AI tools are helping marketers convert written text into professional videos in only a matter of minutes, saving them plenty of time from having to do everything manually. Moreover, it helps them focus on storytelling, and making sure that message has an impact when delivered. 

Hiring B2B copywriting agencies 


You may be wondering how important B2B copywriting is. Well, let’s face it this way, B2B and B2C copywriting differ in how they target their audiences. B2B marketing copywriting addresses business challenges, but the whole deal is to create effective content and this is a challenge that remains for 57% of B2B marketers

The challenge of creating effective content for most B2B marketers has made them turn their focus to hiring a B2B marketing copywriting agency that can not only offer them their expertise but also help address the audience’s needs and put out much better content. 

If you are wondering which B2B copywriting agencies are the right fit for you, we came up with a list that will help you with your decision: 

  • Skale: Has been around in the B2B copywriting business world for nearly a decade. Their copywriting and SEO content writing team focuses on in-depth research, making sure that the content differs from competitors. With their group of B2B SEO experts, they managed to increase signups for Pitch by 17 times and grew non-branded SQLs for Perkbox by 102% in less than a year. 
  • Velocity Partners: Claimed specialists in B2B tech marketing and have a powerful focus on creating content that understands the target audience and leaves an impact. They worked with stakeholders and achieved a milestone of generating 1,000 website visitors monthly for Geotab. Geotab achieved this milestone with the help of Velocity Partners during the first year when they relaunched their brand in a new market. 
  • Animalz: Have a unique approach to telling stories and marketing style. Animalz always manages to produce content that doesn’t seem like it is trying to market you something but rather has a natural flow to it. They have increased Sacra’s email subscribers by 13,000 and increased Parabol’s monthly blog visits to 150,000. 
  • WriterAccess: A freelance marketplace that connects all tools and talents to help you scale your content marketing practices. There are plenty of experienced freelancers who have either worked for an agency or are even currently working for one. They all undergo a screening process to make sure that the platform is offering some of the best talent in the marketplace. 

B2B copywriting agencies offer you a team of skilled writers with many different experiences. This is a great advantage for you if you’re looking to deliver different writing styles and better address target audience needs. 

By improving internal communication 

Internal communication is an important part of HR management and marketers and is easier to manage now than before. The reason for this is due to the many internal communication tools available now. HR managers and marketers can significantly improve their workflows by establishing effective communication through communication tools like: 

  • Slack: One of the most popular communication tools that is downloaded by many online businesses and is free to use. Anybody who has worked online has most likely used Slack. It’s easy to communicate through and offers direct communication with your team. 
  • Microsoft Teams: Allows teams to work together with unique features like file and screen sharing, shared apps, workflows, and offers a visual style called Together Mode. Let’s not forget about the unique features to integrate with other Microsoft apps. In short, it’s a single channel in all communication forms. 
  • Zoom: Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool for online businesses. While many businesses are now working both remotely and in-office, it’s important to always be connected with your team. Zoom allows HR managers and marketers to host online meetings, training sessions, webinars, and promotional events. If you are a company that wants to enhance real-time communication at all times, Zoom is the right tool for you. 

Each tool is used for improving internal communication and this is an important part when it comes to making sure that everyone is on the same page. Mckinsey reported that proper communication and collaboration will increase employee productivity by 20-25%

Automating repetitive tasks 

Repetitive tasks aren’t something fun to deal with and aren’t only time-consuming, but may reduce your productivity rates when you can focus on more important tasks that need to get done. Most time-consuming tasks are either replying to emails, engaging on social media channels, or some other task within the organization. Statistics show that 45% of the employee’s time can be automated by adapting to automation tools. 

If you are looking to save time, you can automate your tasks, you can do so by following these steps: 

  • Identify tasks: Identify all tasks that are increasing daily workflow challenges. Which repetitive tasks are taking up the most time? You can identify this by conducting surveys, informal interviews, and even directly observing workflow challenges. 
  • Assess the tasks that need to be automated: You need to always find out which tasks are worth automating and have the maximum impact. Complex tasks might sometimes not be worth automating and may need human correction at times. 
  • Explore automation solutions: Turn to work management platforms and see which one is scalable, user-friendly, and fits your requirements the most. Essential automation features to look out for include streamlined workflows that tailor to your enterprise’s processes, forms that will automatically assign and schedule tasks, setting rules for automating repetitive tasks, app integrations, the ability to add custom labels, AI automation features, and the type of templates offered. 
  • Implement automation: Implementing automation can be done once you’ve collaborated with your entire team and are now aware of, and onboarding your team to the platform and training them for new processes. 
  • Measure the impact: There are plenty of key metrics you can use for tracking the effectiveness of your automation efforts. This includes using time-tracking tools, financial-tracking tools, measuring customer satisfaction, how much error rates have been reduced, how much productivity rates have increased, reduction of manual work, rate of platform adoption, and the reduction in meetings and meeting times. 

Automating repetitive tasks completely transforms how an organization operates. By following the steps we mentioned, you can entirely reshape how you transform manual work into an automated process, reduce errors, and increase productivity. 

The future of marketing workflows 

Emerging technologies have changed the game for marketers and workflow automation enhances marketing efficiency. While challenges do exist, they can be overcome with the right planning, tools, and the willingness to adapt. 

By defining your goals, understanding your audience on a deeper level, using AI text converters, hiring a B2B agency, and automating repetitive tasks, you’ll save more time and increase your marketing workflow. This not only leads to better results but will help you and your team focus on more important tasks along the way. 

About The Author: 

Tony Ademi is a freelance SEO content and copywriter. He has been in the writing industry for three years and has managed to write hundreds of SEO-optimized articles. Moreover, he has written articles that have ranked #1 on Google. Tony’s primary goal when writing an article is to do extensive research and ensure that the reader is engaged until the end.

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