PMP Certification Guide:

PMP Certification is one of the most coveted and prestigious certifications in the world. It entails a two-step process:

(a) Application Submission – This included earned PDU’s + Prior project management experience
(b) Application Acceptance – PMI reviews the application and accepts it. Post this, the exam can be scheduled. (excluding the scenario of Application entering the audit)

There is no thumb rule for a particular preparation methodology but I will describe what I followed. I will break it into sections for easier reference.

I. Preparation time period for PMP Certification

I took 45 days to finish my preparation (excludes PDU’s earned and time spent on application)

Weekdays: Studied for 4-5 Hours daily

Weekends: Studied for 8-9 Hours

II. Sources for Study & Reference for PMP Certification

SourcesSyllabus CoveredComments
PMBOKRead the book thrice- All topics (This is the Bible of Project Management)-DO NOT SKIP THISExtremely helpful for conceptual understanding. Exam is based on PMBOK
Rita MulcahyRead Risk Management & Stakeholder Management/Attempted all questions at the end of all chapters and read tips & tricks in betweenYou can read the whole book if you have time in hand
Youtube videos by Aileen Ellis, Izenbridge, PMPwithRayReferred to their videos in case of any specific doubts in a topic or where more clarity was required. Practiced Questions from these videos(Especially the situational questions)Do not waste your time watching all videos. If the concept is clear, skip the videos
Mocks by Tridib RoyI purchased Tridib Roy’s mocks at Udemy and there were a set of 6 mocks (33/ 50/100/200) format. They are really good and give you accurate understanding of your level of preparationI attempted all of them twice to get my concepts correct
Social Media Joined PMP specific groups on Facebook where a lot of knowledge sharing happens w.r.t. questions/sources/content etc.DO NOT OVER INDULGE but surely you must be a part of the few groups to gauge your preparation and seek guidance

III. MOCKS for PMP Certification

  • Practicing questions based on Knowledge Areas and full length mocks is extremely crucial. This is a paper of time and accuracy. So, knowledge area questions solidify your concepts and mocks ensure you are within your time limits and accurate. 
  • I practiced at least 4 full length mocks and purchased question banks on Udemy from 3-4 sources to get a maximum coverage on all type of questions. Also, I referred few videos listed above for questions.
  • Always TIME YOUR SELF.  Whether preparing or during mocks, keep the time factor in mind.
  • Finally, have a single minded determination and focus.

Remember, this exam is not on memorization but your understanding and applicability in various situations.

IV. KEY POINTERS for PMP Certification

  • No need to memorize ITTO. Understand it.
  • You should be aware of all the Tools and Techniques and their applicability
  • No need to make a brain dump during exam. It will waste your time.
  • Try to visualize the topics process group wise rather than knowledge area wise. That would help you to get your questions correct
  • Finally, always remain motivated. This is a great learning experience.

I hope all the points I have listed will help the aspirants to kick off their preparation effectively and efficiently.

Good Luck to all!!

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You know now that a Study Guide is an essential ingredient for the success of PMP. Therefore, study diligently and practice rigorously.

After you pass your certification exam, you’re going to want to prepare for your interviews as well. While all job interviews are different, for those with their PMP certification, there are some key questions that will most likely be asked during your interview. We’ve prepared a list of common areas of PMP interview questions to help you ace it and obtain the Project Management job of your dreams!

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