Preparation guide for Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

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Looking to get into Cloud, or specifically into the Google’s Cloud Product. Well I can give you some info, let’s get on to it.

Well, I have been an Oracle DBA with getting some tasks on the AWS Platform here and there. Then there, came a day in my Organization which was giving out an opportunity to get certified in Google Cloud. I took it, let me tell you it wasn’t easy at all, and again it wasn’t a “Mountain” you couldn’t climb.

With little to no knowledge about the Google Cloud, I went into it. There are some resources like Linuxacademy, Acloudguru, Coursera courses which will help you into getting certified. I would recommend just don’t dive into the certification race just for the sake of it. Develop a interest in it, go through the Hands-On labs on Qwiklabs, LinuxAcademy, it will help you. Create a free Google Cloud account, create your own architecture, make changes, do daily activities on the platform, it will surely help you a lot. 

In short, Hands-On is very very important, I don’t know how much I should stress on it, it will let you get insights into the services which the courses would not tell you. 

My preparation required me 3 odd months. I started out by creating a free account, signing up on the Qwiklabs platform, & the LinuxAcademy course. I would learn about a platform for 1 day, then would do the hands-on the next day. 1-2 weeks for each service to get the perfect understanding. 

Then soon came the week for the examination. I didn’t still knew if I was ready, there is that self doubt I guess which led me to ask me everytime, Do I need to do more? Is anything left? Well you certainly won’t get any dumps for Google Cloud Associate Engineer exam or any other Google exam. So, how do you know if you are ready?

Practice Exams!! You can get Practice Exams on LinuxAcademy which I used personally a lot. There are some on Whizlabs, those are good, but comparatively LinuxAcademy’s was the best.

I gave practice exams everyday till I got an consistent 95+% in the exams, there isn’t an number or a passing percentage mentioned by Google for the exam, hence I set the bar a little higher!

Resources Summary: Coursera, Google Cloud Docs, LinuxAcademy, Qwiklabs

Final tip: Relax on the night before the exam, it helps. 

The Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam would be an awesome experience, After all the above tips, I would place a bet that you would definitely pass it – if you did the hard work, without any complains. 


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Author: Ashish Kamble is a life long learner, skilled in GCP with a keen interest in DevOps domain. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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