I have been in the Software Industry for 8 years. I have always liked to explore cutting edge technologie like Blockchain, Cloud Computing like AWS, Azure, GCP, along with various tools used for automation. But I noticed that learning all these things at same time landed in learning nothing or only “ABCD/Hello World” about these technologies.

So I decided to take one step at time. After all, learning is a journey not a race. Since I love automation, Infrastructure as Code concepts and setting up end to end infrastructure in Cloud I choose DevOps professional learning path.

Clear Goal for selecting certification

One should have clear goal before choosing any Certification. Let’s say you are a Developer and you want to continue being one, you should go for AWS DevOps Professional Learning Path. If you are interested in being an architect, you should choose AWS Solution Architect Professional learning path. Choosing the right certification will help give a boost to your career.

Key to Success – Practice Hands On

Practicing hands-on is an important key factor for anything technical that you want to learn. Furthermore, it should also be executed in a structured way. To have structured preparation and hands on practice, below are courses and Blogs that are useful in your preparation for AWS DevOps Professional.

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2020 – Hands On by Stephane Maarek.
  2. AWS DevOps Blogs – You don’t need to go through all blogs. Blogs which are mainly related CI/CD are good ones.
  3. Practice Tests – Before appearing for exam, please test your knowledge with this Udemy Practice Test by Jon Bonso. It’s very nicely designed and has a lot of scenario based questions.  
  4. You can also try Exam readiness course (Self paced) from AWS Training and Certification 

Don’t Stop Learning

It often happens that we do a certification just to save our job or maybe get a pay hike but in long run that might not help. To continue your journey, you must be hungry for knowledge. In my opinion, certification is just a stamp that validates your knowledge about the basic terms of AWS DevOps, how it works and in which situation what to use. But real life scenarios are much more complex and complicated.

To make sure you do not forget what you gained in a certification, you should try these things in your respective projects. One way to do this is to try doing a Proof Of Concept (PoC). If that’s not feasible, try to create your own mini scenarios and figure out which scenario is most optimized way to do it, because in AWS DevOps you can do one thing in multiple ways.

So Don’t Stop your learning after doing Certification.

Happy Learning !!!

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Author: Vikas Bange is a life long learner and a technology enthusiast. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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