If you want to collaborate on projects with external partners to complete business objectives, then a  Salesforce partner portal or partner relationship management portal is the way to go.

They give your partners a way to collect your business data, documents, and custom tools, all from a single portal. These Salesforce portals are the best way to collaborate on projects together, especially when sales opportunities are shared. We suggest upgrading your communication and collaboration strategies with a Salesforce partner portal to boost teamwork productivity in a shared environment.

If you don’t believe us yet, continue reading our article below as we explore some insightful use cases for creating partner portals in Salesforce.

What is a Salesforce Partner Portal?

Before you start building a partner portal with Salesforce, let’s make sure we understand what it is. 

A Salesforce PRM (partner relationship management) or partner portal is a platform used to support an organization’s interactions with its partners. 

These web-based platforms keep all communication and collaboration between the members within the Salesforce ecosystem so that there is a central location to access business resources like:

  • Company information and details
  • Business tools for working with specific software
  • Technical support from the company to assist sales and software development teams
  • Use cases to learn about products and services
  • Competitor analysis reports for market research

Salesforce Partner Portal Examples and Use Cases

If you are ready, we would like to dive into some current examples and use cases of Salesforce Experience Cloud partner portals that can inspire you in 2024. Let’s go!

Salesforce Aiding Partners in Onboarding and Education

Creating a Salesforce PRM portal if you have many partners is a good way to provide support and share resources with them. For example, if your company sells products specifically to businesses that will resell those goods, then you will need a partner portal to share knowledge seamlessly with partners about how your products work and the best way to market them.

With many partners to onboard into your business network, a partner portal can speed up induction processes. So, when partners sign an agreement to collaborate, they will be given access to your Salesforce partner portal, which has all your resources to educate themselves.

The whole process of getting to know the portal can be created to guide partners on how to get started. Once they get the hang of navigating through Salesforce’s partner portal features, they can peruse the educational resources that can include your:

  • Product Documentation
  • Technical Specs
  • Use Cases

Forums, Chats, and Document Sharing with Salesforce Portals

Companies that use Salesforce portals can create forums or chats and share documents with partners seamlessly. They are great for boosting collaboration between members, which speeds up the goals of all stakeholders in the partnership.

For example, a forum allows a company to instantly discuss important topics with its partners. This feature allows all companies and teams understand updates to products and align with marketing or sales strategies.

Forums are a great place for partners to post questions or share important updates. Either way, forums are a great knowledge-sharing tool that empowers companies and their partners to engage more with each other.

Chat systems are similar to forums. They build stronger business relationships by allowing companies to communicate with partners in real-time through Salesforce partner portals. Chat features are great for instant queries that need urgent attention and can help partners resolve issues super fast.

You can also share documents with partners through a Salesforce portal. Since the portal is a central space for storing all your business resources, it is an ideal location to share documents with partners. Make sure that you provide the most up-to-date product manuals, training materials, and price lists with partners so that they can work faster and more easily with your products and services.

A Resource Library with Training Materials

Salesforce partner portals provide businesses with a resource library that is controlled to keep training materials secure.

All that is needed is for the Salesforce admin to configure access control and user permissions for partners and end users.

You want to keep your resource library locked down in this way so that only authorized partners and colleagues can view your confidential content.

Real-Time Lead Management

A Salesforce partner portal can generate leads for a business, too. It does this by integrating with various channels.

So it’s a great option for marketing campaigns and trade shows. When these leads are entered into the Salesforce database, either manually or automatically via forms, their data can be shared with partners and colleagues via a partner portal.

Deal Registration and Opportunity Tracking

A Salesforce partner portal is super useful for registering deals and tracking opportunities. When it comes to deal registration, a partner can easily log into a partner portal and fill out a form to capture a customer’s details. When a partner submits the form, the data will be synced to Salesforce and stored as a registered deal.

Now, the company that hosts the partner portal will automatically receive an email alerting them that a deal has been registered by a partner. A sales representative can now view the new opportunity data provided by the partner in Salesforce.

Additionally, the sales representative can track every stage the opportunity travels through, such as from qualification to proposal and, finally, deal closing.

Wrapping Up Top Use Cases for Salesforce Partner Portals in 2024

That’s it! Thanks for reading our article on why you should be using Salesforce partner portals in 2024. We covered a few examples and use cases for using these nifty tools to communicate and work efficiently with partners.

If you want a Salesforce partner portal implementation guide, make sure to visit the CRM giant’s official website. You can also find information on building a community portal with Salesforce if this is something you need.

We hope we have inspired you to create a single location where you can intuitively communicate and interact well with your partners. It will definitely speed up the transfer of important business information like company updates and current resources to use.

Good Luck!

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