(OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Details

Certification Industry: Cloud

Certificate Name: (OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate

Certificate Issuing Authority: Oracle

Certification Price: 150 USD

Certificate Validity: See Details Below

If you have the skills of planning and designing solutions, operating databases, a desire to design for hybrid cloud structure, and designing for security and compliance, then (OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate certification is for you. This certification required knowledge of topics such as:

Cloud computing concepts (HA, DR, Security), regions, availability domains, OCI terminology and services, networking, databases, load balancing, IAM, DNS, FASTCONNECT, VPN, Compartments, tagging, Terraform, with focus on how to use it with OCI and Exadata. 

Average Salary Range of OCI Architect

US:  $142 – $191,311 per annum (Source)

India: 2,380k - Rs. 3,725k (Source)


OCI Architect Exam topics covered are:

·      Identity and Access Management

·      Networking

·      Advanced Networking Concepts

·      Multiple VNICs, and IP addresses

·      Compute

·      Storage

·      Launching Bare Metal and Virtual Compute Instances

·      Database

·      Advanced Database

·      Architecting Best Practices


(OCI) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Exam Details:

Exam Number: 1Z0-1072

Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 105

Number of Questions: 66

Passing Score: 65%



·Credentials earned by passing 2019/future exams after 12-Sep-2019 will remain active for 18 months from the date of earning them

·Credentials earned by passing 2019 exams on or before 12-Sep-2019 will remain active till 12-Mar-2021

·Credentials earned by passing 2018/older exams will remain active till 01-Jun-2020


Official Free Practice Exam from Oracle.


The exam is conducted at a test center or online at your home/office which is monitored by an offsite proctor. The system requirements required for the online exam are available here.

Looking to upskill your career by undertaking the OCI Architect Associate exam?

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Exam Tips for OCI Architect Associate Exam

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