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While the Google Cloud Platform is a more recent offering than some of its competitors, it draws on years of experience running Google's massive internal infrastructure and exposes a streamlined set of solution-focused capabilities to help you build great systems. Google has created a track for IT professionals to certify as a cloud architect on the GCP platform. This certification program provides Google cloud professionals a way to demonstrate their skills. The assessment is based on a rigorous exam using industry standard methodology to determine whether a candidate meets Google’s proficiency standards.

  1. Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE): ACE is an associate-level certification among available Google Cloud Certifications. The candidate deploys applications, monitors operations and manages enterprise solutions. He or she can use Google Cloud Console and the command line to complete common platform-based tasks. An ACE also maintains one or more deployed solutions that use either Google or self-managed services in the Google Cloud environment.

  2. Professional Cloud Architect (PCA): PCA enables organizations to make effective and efficient use of Google Cloud technologies. This certification is intended for cloud architects who want to build complex cloud solutions and services using GCP. PCAs must develop a thorough understanding of cloud architecture in general, and the Google Cloud Platform in particular. Those who hold this credential can design, develop and manage dynamic Google Cloud Platform solutions to meet business objectives that are robust, secure, scalable and highly available.

  3. Professional Data Engineer (PDE): PDE focuses more on analyzing and using data stored in the Google Cloud Platform, rather than in designing, deploying or maintaining such environments as with the ACE and the PCA. PDE is meant for Data Engineers who want to design and build data collecting and processing machine learning models on GCP. As such, a PDE supports and facilitates data-driven decision-making based on collecting, transforming and visualizing data. The PDE curriculum and exam puts particular emphasis on ensuring that such data processing systems are secure, reliable and fault-tolerant, as well as scalable, accurate, and efficient.

  4. Professional Cloud Developer (PCD): PCD is ideal for software developers who want to build full-stack scalable applications on GCP. Candidates should possess the skills necessary to successfully integrate GCP services and conduct application performance monitoring. Candidates should have the knowledge to successfully use Stackdriver to debug, trace code, and produce metrics. Proficiency in at least one general programming language is also recommended.

  5. Professional Cloud Network Engineer (CNE): A CNE manages and implements network architectures using GCP. You should do this certification if you want to design, implement and manage network architectures on GCP. In addition to GCP, successful candidates should be skilled in working with technologies such as hybrid connectivity, network architecture security, VPCs, network services, and the GCP Console command line interface.

  6. Professional Cloud Security Engineer (CSE): This certification is aimed at security engineers who want to build, implement and maintain security services, also secure your company’s cloud infrastructure by using GCP security technologies. An expert-level credential, CSEs are well-versed in industry security requirements, regulations, best practices, and security-related topics and technologies, such as identity and access management, data protection using GCP, configuring security at the network level, analyzing logs, managing incidents, and recommending organization-wide security policies. CSEs also possess the skills necessary to design, implement and manage secure infrastructures on GCP.

  7. Professional Collaboration Engineer (PCE): This is the next level in becoming a G Suite specialist and to take up this exam. A PCE transforms business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices as they relate to users, content, and integrations. Google suggest at least 3+ years of industry experience and 1+ years of G Suite administration.

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