Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist - Practice Tests

220+ Unique Scenarios

Level: Intermediate

Reviews: 3
No. of Exams: 4

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist - Practice Tests
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This exam course covers all the information that will boost your chances of passing the exam on your first try!

The course is also updated to April 2024.

It will guide you through the exact process to waive off 40 USD on your certification cost. *Based on the availability of the exam vouchers.
I regularly update all of my courses as per new feature updates. So, the learner does not need to worry about any changes.
Both the Practice tests in this course provide subject knowledge in depth and provide you with the confidence you’ll need to take the exam.

By paying attention to these and repeating all the tests until you get 90% or more on each one, you should be able to ace the real exam with confidence.

[Please note: A couple of questions do include explanations. They are complimentary. Not all the questions include explanations.]

Help you to clear the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist course in the first shot !!!

If you are new to the Salesforce CPQ Specialist platform or you want to kick start your career with Salesforce
You are already working on the Salesforce CPQ Specialist platform and you want to enhance your skills/career with Certification.

These 4 Practice set series are the right choice for you !!!

DC SF Guru

To succeed in every field the ONLY secret is...
Understanding the concepts and everything else is child's play...

Hoping that my content will be very helpful to the learner.

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Ilonka Whitestone
I guess I was one of the early learners and explainations were not yet provided, but still the questions were very useful and looking up the answers in the CPQ org provided me the confidence to aim for the xam which I passed mid March 2022.
06-Apr-2022 03:26:57 PM
Spencer Rex

15-Aug-2023 07:34:58 PM
Daniela Araújo
Only half of question have explanations.
12-May-2023 08:07:29 PM

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