Project Management Institute Certifications

Below are the certifications offered by PMI institute. We will talk about PMI-ACP here.

Project Scheduling refers to curating timeframes for the entire project. Since the organizations today are extremely complex in their structure, it takes detailed management skills to design a schedule for everyone involved in the projects. Most of the time, the firms are unable to complete the projects on time and this is solely because of inappropriate scheduling and this is where a PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) steps in to perform the job efficiently.

Average Annual Salary Range For PMI-SP

USA : $103,000 Per Year (Source)

India: 3,00,000/- INR Per Year (Source)

Who Should Apply For PMI-SP?

PMI-SP credential is exclusively for professionals who do not want to restrict themselves to software and rather look out for holistic growth in terms of project management. A practitioner working towards formulating and maintaining project schedules and wants to be recognized for the work with the appropriate knowledge should get this certification.

Benefits of Doing PMI-SP

  1. Job Expansion
    A PMI-SP certification gives due recognition to a professional involved in the field of project management specializing in scheduling. If a professional wishes to stand out from other project managers, PMI-SP can give the edge to do so.

  2. Higher Payscale
    With complexity in business operations and multi-dimensional business practices, the need for an expert scheduling professional becomes evident and the firms pay a higher salary to PMI-SP certified professionals.

Preparation Cost of PMI-SP

The overall cost for the certification depends upon the PMI membership status of the candidate. Moreover, it is also dependent upon whether it is a center-based test or a paper-based test.

Examination Fee

Center-Based Testing (CBT)/ Paper-Based Testing (PBT)

US$520.0 (Member) | US$670.0 (Non-member)

Validity of PMI-SP

Similar to other PMI certifications, PMI-RMP certification is also valid for exactly three years from the date of the certification. For instance, Paul got his certification on 10 July 2018, then it will be valid until 10 July 2021. However, the credential can be renewed by accruing 30 Professional Development Units (PDU) in specific topics of Project Scheduling.

How To Take The PMI-SP Exam

Eligibility Criteria
  1. In case of a Bachelor’s Year Degree
    28 months of project scheduling experience (within the last 5 years)
    30 hours of project scheduling education
  2. In the case of a High School Diploma/ an Associate’s Degree
    40 months of project scheduling experience (within the last 5 years)
    40 hours of project scheduling education

Examination Details

  1. It comprises 170 multiple-choice questions out of which 20 are pretest(unscored) questions.
  2. There are two methods of conducting the test. It can either be a center-based test/ online-proctored test or a paper-based test.
  3. The allotted examination time is three and a half hours with no scheduled breaks

Time Taken To Prepare For The Exam

A total of 200-400 hours is required to prepare for a PMI-SP examination using multiple study aids.

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