Choices for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Before I go ahead with this post, please note that I do not support (and not being paid for) any AWS content provider mentioned in this blog. The interpretations are from the reviews collected (so far) on our website and is meant to help students make a better decision on how to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. With the information overload existing today, our mission is to make the process of going through a certification easier and simpler. Now that we have that out of our way, let’s get started.

So, you ask – there are so many courses available on how to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate but what’s the best course for this? Well, there is no clear winner with the data that we have so far. Two courses that are suggested by most are from Stéphane Maarek and aCloudGuru, both available on Udemy. These courses are not too expensive and start around $12 USD (prices vary based on promotions). Now, lack of data could be the one to blame here, but I didn’t see a lot of LinuxAcademy being mentioned in the AWS Solutions Architect reviews. I will keep updating the post, as more data flows in.

TIP: First time on Udemy, remember to search the web for coupon code that might bring the price down further.

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In my opinion, any of the above author’s course should be good, so not much to worry about there. Personally, I used LinuxAcademy (LA) to pass my AWS certifications and found it helpful. I secured my LA account from my last employer. Last I checked, LinuxAcademy has a subscription based model (it is not cheap!) and that could prevent some students from enrolling in their courses. That being said, with the merger of aCloudGuru and LinuxAcademy, things might change. Oh and not to forget, people also rely on free nuggets available from AWS like AWS Official Guide, AWS white-papers and AWS Reinvent videos. The data suggests you should not ignore these free valuable sources of information that will enable you to understand the concepts better.

TIP: Remember to create a free account on AWS official site for hands on practice. It is a must to clear any AWS exam.  

As far as the practice exams go, folks rely on Braincert and Whizlabs. These are paid exams, generally available for $20 or so. We also have some FREE AWS practice exams right here on our website. Do remember to check these out.

Finally, nothing beats the hands on practice and it highly recommended by everyone to pass this exam. So, there you go, for a total of $35 (more or less), you should be able to prepare effectively for AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam.


Here is quick checklist for you to crack this exam:

  1. Buy a course off of Udemy
  2. Buy practice exams Udemy, Braincert or Whizlabs
  3. Free documentation on AWS official site
  4. Hands-on practice

That’s a wrap for now. Stay tuned for more insights on other certifications.

PS: Blog will get updated once we have more reviews that come in. Keep checking in before you take your final exam.


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